10 Carden at the Farmer’s Market!

Does your Workplace Suck? If you noticed us at the Farmer’s Market on Saturday April 23rd, you probably also chuckled at our sign, “does your workplace suck” on top of the basket of free delicious (and organic) Stone Store multi-flavored suckers.  Katarina and Shelene used the sign to spark conversation about the what’s, why’s, and how’s of co-working and co-locating.  The catchy slogan resulted in some interesting conversation around the norm of sharing resources and working together (though admittedly, some folks only stopped for the delicious suckers).

So now you know that though we’ve suspended the Social Change Cafes for the summer months, you can bring your social change ideas to the Farmer’s Market.  We’ll be there at least once a month to share insights and exchange information about 10 Carden and other social change initiatives in the community.  If you want to help us table at the Farmer’s market, do let us know!