10 Carden Expansion is Being Fuelled by Community Bonds

Guelph ON – Since 2009, 10 Carden has provided an inclusive and engaging space for social benefit organizations to find new ways of solving local issues. With work underway to expand into the former Acker’s Furniture Building, 10 Carden is continuing to fuel local social innovation through its current Community Bond campaign.

“This project is striking a chord with individuals and organizations interested in the future of the social benefit sector,” stated Julia Grady, 10 Carden Co-Founder.

Following up on the success of its initial Founders Series of Community Bonds, 10 Carden is offering further opportunities to invest in the transformation of 42 Carden Street into a fully-accessible, 15,000+ sq. ft. community event space and collaborative workspace. So far, 10 Carden has raised $656,000 in Community Bonds since April, with a targeted goal of $1 million.

“There are many reasons why our investment in 10 Carden made terrific sense for us, way above and beyond the fact that it is an investment that offers a return. Most importantly it was an appropriate way to honour the legacy of our parents, as well as being an excellent example for our own children of giving back to our community,” said Kevin and Paula Staunton, Founders Series Investors. “Our investment also means we can support and promote a community project that facilitates the growth of grassroots ideas that respond to local needs and initiatives.”

10 Carden’s Series “E” and “F” Community Bonds offer both individual and institutional investors an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of community development in Guelph. At a 3% interest rate and a minimum investment of $1,000, Series E bonds are designed to appeal to individual investors. Catering to organizations and institutions, Series F bonds have an interest rate of 4% and require a minimum investment of $50,000. The bond investors are a diverse group.Danby Products Ltd. became the first corporate bond investor and is joined by Urban Space Property Group in Toronto.

“True leadership is about taking risks and mobilizing commitment to a better future,” said Founders Series Investor, Kerry Daly. “10 Carden’s leadership inspires and I am happy to support the initiative and carry a little piece of that risk as an expression of my support.”

Incorporated as a not-for-profit, 10 Carden is Guelph’s ‘community hub’ offering local not-for-profit groups, socially-focused businesses and individuals affordable and accessible space. 10 Carden’s creating space for change model includes shared office/meeting space/event space/collaboration centre and offers individuals, professionals and researchers working within Guelph a place to gather/work and exchange ideas. For more information about 10 Carden’s services, visit

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  • Series A bonds earn 2.5% interest and has a $2500 minimum investment.
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For more information please contact:
Julia Grady
Co-Founder, 10 Carden
[email protected]