10 Carden Katimavik volunteer on her way home!

We’ll miss Mandy Wettlaufer, our wonderful Katimavik volunteer who helped out and participated in all aspects of 10 Carden over the past 6 months.  Here’s a few words that she leaves us with…

“Oh man. Six months come and gone.
Looking back on my notes about working here at 10 Carden, I can see my confidence grew quite a bit. I’ve gone from “I’m really excited that people like my input, I’m happy that I haven’t messed up!” to just listing what I’ve done and knowing how it’s helped me improve.
From beginning to end everyone’s been so great and generous, including welcoming me with a day at Hillside; which was a great welcome for a person like me who goes to as many concerts as their wallet will allow, to leaving with a subscription to Alternatives, which will aid me in being even more Environ-Mental with people back home in Montreal.

Volunteering here has unknowingly (even to me) helped out with my shyness, I very rarely would even start a conversation with a stranger before, let alone talk at length about a space and give them a tour. Seems like a small achievement, but for a person who’s heard over and over again that a lack of speaking up is something I should work on (even from teachers throughout elementary to high school, it was always on my report card,) it’s kind of a big deal. As such, I’ve also discovered that sharing my ideas at meetings and writing press releases isn’t nearly as terrifying as I had imagined.

The concept of collaboration is a large aspect of 10 Carden, and it was great to see it happen right before my eyes and to experience it personally. I got to politically geek-out multiple times, whether it was having James Gordon, Guelph’s NDP candidate start volunteering here and getting to talk with him, having the opportunity to hang out and work with Norah of The Council of Canadians, and in doing so talked food safety with Liberal MP Frank Valeriote. I helped out with Streak for Cancer, (which got me in Snap Guelph, awesome.) and got my Katimavik group involved as well. I also did some proof reading and editing at The Peak with Erin War, which I wish I could have done more of, because I am an editing nutcase. I’m glad I did get to do it though. It worked out well too, because apparently editing is War’s least favourite thing to do, and I used to find and highlight the spelling and grammar errors on my detention slips in high school.

So 10 Carden, thanks for giving me the opportunity to collaborate with so many amazing people. But for now I must bid you adieu. Emphasis on “for now”; you’ll definitely be seeing me again”