10 Carden Organizational Members

Our organizational members are not-for-profits, social enterprises, charitable organizations, and volunteer-based groups working in the social change sector.


AIDS Committee of Guelph Wellington
We dream of a time and place where everyone is free to live healthy, vital lives.

Architectural Conservancy Ontario – Guelph/Wellington Branch
We advocate for the preservation and protection of our architectural and cultural heritage.

Barking Dog Studios
We help people use design and the internet to create positive change.

Bennett Business Connections
We provide professional and knowledgeable IT to support small businesses.

Community Environmental Leadership Program and Headwaters (CELP)
We are high school students engaged in hands-on learning, leadership and sustainability skills development.

Central Student Association – University of Guelph
We believe that students have the power to organize and to make change, to speak out and speak up.

Co-operators Centre for Business and Social Entrepreneurship
We support sustainability and community engagement through transformational learning experiences and research.

Centre for Work, Families and Well-being – University of Guelph
We collaborate on community based research that contributes to individual, family, and community well-being.

Council of Canadians – Guelph Chapter
We promote progressive policies on water, fair trade, energy security and public health care.

Creating Homes
We support the development of environmentally and socially sustainable communities  for low and moderate income households.

Dirty Deedz Cleaning
We provide clients with a clean environment to allow them to dedicate time to more important things.

Everdale Organic Farm and Learning Centre
We provide hands-on educational experiences to promote sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, and alternative building methods.

We encourage and support farmers to develop locally oriented, ecologically sound and economically viable enterprises

Future Watch Environment Development and Education Partners
We spearhead projects that are culturally sensitive and focus on social, economic and environmental development.

Guelph Arts Platform
We create and foster space for local artists and arts organizations of all genres, cultures, and economic circumstances.

Guelph Civic League
We increase urban literacy and advocate for local democracy that is inviting, inclusive and transparent.

Guelph Humane Society
We promote the welfare of all animals and prevent cruelty and suffering.

Guelph Jazz Festival
We present innovative jazz and creative improvised music in a community which fosters alternative ways of seeing and hearing the world.

Guelph Studio Tour
We are a collective of Guelph artists offering original, eclectic arts and crafts for all tastes.

Guelph Tech and Design Cluster
We highlight Guelph’s creative economy.

Guelph Urban Forest Friends
We work to maintain and increase the health, integrity and area of Guelph’s urban forest.

Guelph Wellington Health Coalition
We proactively protect publicly funded universal health care through information and leadership.

We specialize in the sale of hemp and hemp related products.

Hillside Festival
We create and present music-focused events and projects within a non-commercial, environmentally responsible framework.

Improvisation, Community and Social Practice Research Project (ICASP)
We explore musical improvisation as a model for social change.

Inclusive Counselling, Consulting and Training
We offer counselling, consulting and training services that specialize in the areas of gender, sexuality and diversity.

Innovation Guelph
We are a social enterprise that listens, connects and supports: a catalyst for entrepreneurial initiative.

Juice Inc.
We help organizations have more effective conversations in the workplace so it feels good to work and it’s easier to get results.

Meredith Scott – Voice, Text and Dialect Coach
We work with actors and other professionals to improve their voice, speech, and communication skills.  [email protected]

Natural Burial Co-operative Inc.
We strive to give life back to the earth through natural burial.

Newcomer Welcome Centre                                                                                                                   We assist newcomers and their families to participate fully in an open, inclusive Canadian society.

OPIRG – Guelph
We provide resources, training, support and opportunities to work collectively on all matters of social and environmental justice.

The Peak
We publish our politics.

Pearl Street Community
We harness the power of people and energy.

Profound Insight Media
We conduct seminars and workshops for solo entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Scoped Consulting
We teach you effective campaign and outreach tools that enable you to listen to, engage and activate people on their values.

School of English and Theatre Studies                                                                                             We integrate course-based learning into the Guelph community by taking knowledge production off-campus and developing community-based projects.

Spark of Brilliance
We foster recovery and discovery through the expressive arts for people of all ages and abilities.

SRED Unlimited
We help businesses maximize tax credits and refunds on experimental development and innovation

Streak for Cancer
We raise funds for research in 12 different cancer focuses through the sale of coloured hair extensions.

Student Life – University of Guelph
We promote learning that has a lasting and transformative impact on students and society

Sustainability Learning Centre
We provide a learning and networking hub for sustainability.

Taylor Newberry Consulting
We use social research to cultivate new ideas that strengthen communities.

Terra Verde Wellness
We provide nutrition and fitness consulting.

The O’Halloran Group
We build the capacity of organizations and communities through research and action to promote health and wellness for all.

The Norm Group – Gamma Analysts
We do research and development for home-based businesses, and test naturally occurring radioactive materials.

The Research Shop
We are the portal between community and university research needs.

Transition Guelph
We work to build a resilient and sustainable Guelph to meet the challenges of climate change and resource depletion.

Wellington Water Watchers
We are dedicated to the protection, restoration and conservation of drinking water in Guelph and Wellington County.

Wyndham House
We envision a community that supports youth in achieving their full potential and provide services to that end.

Young Conservation Professionals Career Development Program
We provide professional development and leadership training for land and water conservation professionals in Ontario.