Free Workshop Series at 10 Carden

10 Carden launches its first Workshop Series!

10 Carden is here to invigorate social change in Guelph! Close to 40 changemaking organizations are coming together to meet, create, work and bring about positive change in our city and around the world. With limited time and resources, many of these groups and businesses have precious little time to develop new skills or to remain up-to-date with current technologies and innovative approaches for planning and managing their operations. Working in a fast-paced world, many experience burn out, feel disconnected, and lose connection with purpose.

10 Carden will address these challenges by providing affordable workshops based on the expressed needs and interests of its membership. The nurturing and inclusive working environment will be transformed into a hub of learning and creativity, providing tools for leadership development and organizational change. Members will stay current with new approaches in the quickly evolving social change sector, including: social accounting, open source data and online marketing while gaining insights into emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and authentic communication. We will also have forums for members to share their experiences and areas of expertise with one another. It is our firm belief that workshops and forums will increase the capacity of our members to become stronger social change leaders!

This initial series of workshops is offered with FREE registration! Subsequent workshops will be discounted for members. With eight free workshops to choose from between October 18th and December 13th there is something for everyone. Review the descriptions for a workshop that captures you, or better yet, come to all of them! Space is limited and this initial series is open to the public so REGISTER TODAY!

Interactive Workshop on Shared Spaces – Monday November 1: 7-8:30 pm

Multi-tenant/shared spaces are an increasingly common means for small social enterprises and not-for-profits to situate in healthy, vibrant work environments among a mix of professionals, entrepreneurs and artists while decreasing their financial expenses.  This workshop will discuss findings from a feasibility study on developing such a space(s) in the Region of Waterloo.  Multiple aspects of shared spaces will be covered, including tenant mix and tenancy types; locational considerations; types of programs and services; design of space and facilities; mandates; governance and management; financial considerations; development processes and sustainability.  It will be an interactive workshop, enabling participants to focus discussion on areas of greatest interest to them.  Emphasis will be placed on discussing benefits and challenges and on the variations that are characteristic of such spaces.  Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about the ins and outs of the increasingly popular co-working and resource sharing model! FREE REGISTRATION! Simply complete the form above.

The Research Shop: Doing Research Together – Thursday, November 11: 7 – 8:30pm

At this community presentation and discussion, learn what the Research Shop ( is and what community-engaged research means to us. We will discuss ways that the Research Shop has been working with community partners, who might be involved, and potential research products. We will finish up with an interactive discussion about community research needs and questions.  This is an excellent opportunity to learn about the exciting work that the Research Shop does, and how you can become involved in this important dialogue. FREE REGISTRATION! Simply complete the form above.

The Work that Reconnects: Emotional intelligence for Engaged Citizens – Monday November 15: 6:30 -9:00 pm

The Work that Reconnects (WTR) is a facilitated group process emerging from Joanna Macy’s confirmatory observation of a pervasive psychic and emotional numbing in response to existential threat (Lifton, 1979; Macy, 1983).  In the face of overwhelming knowledge of planetary dangers – in the 1970s it was nuclear war and biodiversity loss – people tended to draw away in apathy rather than together as community and/or individual agency for change.  Macy argues now that awareness of problems of sustainability such as peak oil, climate disruption, ultimately the collapse of planetary support for complex life forms, is the predominant psychological reality of our time (Macy, 1995).  Knowing these dangers are human-created makes for despair – and potential for change.  WTR workshops create a context where emerging emotions such as foreboding, disappointment, confusion, grief, rage, and despair can be acknowledged, honoured, and plumbed, often with surprising results – as these emotions are transformed into empowerment for creative, positive change.  Participants can increase their resilience and emotional intelligence for and understanding of the role engaged citizenship has for greater sustainability.  Participants can also find rejuvenation, increased compassion and connection with community, and better appreciation of their own needs and responsibilities as leaders for future generations.  Facilitators for this workshop will be Jessica Sgrignoli and Sally Ludwig from Transition Guelph.  FREE REGISTRATION! Simply complete the form above.

The Art of Facilitation – Monday November 22: 7-9:00 pm

Explore the art of facilitation with Jim Mahone, a well-known facilitator and University of Guelph professor.  Workshop will focus on presentation skills for facilitators, managing the facilitation process, and dealing with difficult people.  Facilitation is a skill that is useful in many organizational settings, and yet one that is difficult to master.  Often it takes years of experience to be comfortable facilitating group meetings and processes.  This workshop will introduce you to ways of becoming more effective in this challenging role.  A wonderful opportunity for developing an important skill for managers, employers, volunteers, and just about anyone working in the community with other people!  Filled up.

Building our community with the volunteer centre – Monday November 29: 7-8:30 pm

Learn about the meaningful work of the Volunteer Centre of Guelph/Wellington, and the exciting opportunities the Centre provides for community benefit organizations in Guelph. What can the Centre do for you? How can it help you to build your capacity within your organization and be successful? Cathy Taylor, Executive Director, will also provide an overview of the Centre’s governance and leadership programs and training which pave the way for increased skills and capacity building for local organizations.  FREE REGISTRATION! Simply complete the form above.

“What did 10 Carden members learn in their first year of working together?” – Monday December 13: 7-8pm CANCELLED

In January, 2010, some members of 10 Carden took part in a study with researchers from the University of Toronto.  Our question was “What did 10 Carden members learn in their first year of working together?”  Results of this study were presented at two international democracy conferences: one in Rosario, Argentina in May, and one in Montreal, Quebec in June.  Join us to meet Elizabeth Pinnington, PhD (C), as she presents the results of our study to us, as well as shares the feedback and questions about 10 Carden from community organizations around the world.

Elizabeth Pinnington is a PhD Candidate at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) at the University of Toronto.  Elizabeth researches participatory democracy and government accountability.  Her new book is called Learning Citizenship by Practicing Democracy: International Initiatives and Perspectives, published by Cambridge Scholars Press. FREE REGISTRATION! Simply complete the form above.

Past workshops in the series:

Workshop #1 – Dares for Social Change in Guelph: a Global Challenge.

Erika Marteleira and Clare Devlin will give a two hour workshop on the Stephen Lewis Foundation 2010 Dare Campaign and strategies for continuing to involve Guelph in global change. What brings us to do more than we thought we would or could for a cause? What hinders us?  Don’t miss this unique opportunity to engage in a meaningful dialogue around Guelph’s role in promoting global health, equality, and social justice.  The Stephen Lewis Foundation supports community-based organizations dedicated to saving lives and turning the tide of HIV/AIDS in Africa. Since 2003, the Foundation has funded over 300 projects globally, providing support for education about HIV prevention, care and treatment.  FREE REGISTRATION! Simply complete the form below.

Creating the Business You Want – Monday October 25: 7-8:30 pm

Starting or owning a small business can be challenging at the best of times.  You may have a great business idea but are not sure how to get started.  Or maybe you have been in business for a few years but somehow your business feels stagnant.  Social media and the constant influx of new technologies can feel intimidating and stressful.  Today millions of people are adapting technology and social media strategies to reach customers directly and are learning to grow their businesses in ways never seen before.

Creating the Business You Want is an introductory seminar designed to help you gain a clear insight on some of the components needed to run a successful business.  First time business owners can benefit because it provides a framework for getting started.   Experienced entrepreneurs can use the ideas presented to take a fresh look at their business, and find new technologies and methods that help in attracting new customers, and fill in any gaps that may exist in your current business approach.

In this seminar you will learn how to: align the vision for your business with your core values; learn the key elements to create a successful web presence; understand the psychology of relationships and learn how to reach out, build community and nurture relationships using social media; evaluate social technologies like Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter and learn how these tools can fit your specific business needs; develop a content creation strategy to engage your audience and build loyalty; network with more impact both online and in-person; manage your time more effectively, prioritize and harness technology to make your business run smoother and more efficiently; overcome fears and obstacles that can get in the way of your success. Includes a complementary copy of the cd, Creating the Business you Want. FREE REGISTRATION! Simply complete the form below.