Mon, June 27th: 12-2 pm. Community Potluck to celebrate our wonderful hosts and co-workers! Our hosts and co-workers are invited to share a potluck lunch on Monday, June 27th from 12-2 pm –  and anyone in the community is welcome to join!  Ideas are floating around about watching a short TED talk related to social change.  Come to get inspired and to meet the folks that animate 10 Carden, and bring something small and yummy to share – something that you can’t live without!

10 Carden at Hillside.
We are running fun, collaborative social change oriented workshops on both Saturday and Sunday at Hillside. Interested in the intersections between music and social change?  Want to get involved as a volunteer for our workshop?  Let us know at [email protected]

Transition Guelph
July 9: 7-9pm
Cities, Homo automotivis habitat, have been razed and remade for them.  Yet cities compete with each other to assemble more of them.  The carapace of Homo automotivis, the automobile, has so captivated us that a quarter of our working lives are spent paying for them.  In STOP SIGNS: Cars and Capitalism on the Road to Economic, Social and Ecological Decay, a newly released book by Yves Engler and Bianca Mugyenyi, they use a bus trip as a platform from which to examine critically the parasitic impact of Homo automotivis on our environment and ourselves.  Engage with Engler and Mugyenyi for a STOP SIGNS presentation as an opportunity to roll up your sleeves in anticipation of the great die off of Homo automotovis.  Contact Transition Guelph for more info:

Are you a yoga teacher, or do you have another practice to share? We are looking for volunteers who would like to teach tai chi, yoga, pilates, dance, or similar practices at 10 Carden in the Fall.  We’re aiming to provide our members with various options for classes that encourage healthy living and provide tools for mind/body balance, which will in turn enhance their social change work.  Let us know if you want to be a part of this community and shared-space initiative! * Note that Wednesday morning yoga is cancelled through the summer months but will continue in September!


Transition Guelph and FutureWatch. Tuesday, May 24th and Wednesday, June 15th: 7-9pm. Transition Guelph and FutureWatch invite the community to an orientation session where you’ll get to learn how these two groups are working together to build awareness around environmental and multicultural issues in the community, and how you can get involved. The momentum around these two organizations in the community is spreading like fire! See for more info.

Movie Screening: Handmade Nation and Discussion                                                                                                                         Wednesday, June 8th: 7 pm. Join us on June 8th for a screening of Faythe Levine’s documentary on arts and craft. Handmade Nation documents the new wave of art, craft and design that is capturing the attention of the nation. Faythe Levine traveled to 15 cities and covered more than 19,000 miles to interview artists, crafters, makers, curators and community members. Join us for a discussion of the relevance of fine arts and crafts in a Guelph context. Presented in collaboration with the Ontario Crafts Council. For more information contact us at [email protected]

Guelph Multicultural Festival, June 11-12
10 Carden has a table at the festival and we would like to present our work, as well as the work of our members. If you are interested in showcasing your organization or business to the community during the festival, let us know so that we can coordinate the various member displays with our own. The collaborative use of our table will surely make for a colorful and dynamic display at this wonderful community festival.

Stephen Quilley – 2011 “Innovators in Action” Speaker Series Thursday, June 9, 2011 – 19:00 – 21:00; Festival Room, South Campus Hall, University of Waterloo, 200 University Avenue W.  Register at:

For two hundred years, people have experienced the flip-side of material prosperity as a loss of meaning – alienation, the loss of a sense of self-sufficiency, the feeling of being a cog in a vast machine. Stephen’s talk will explore the significance of this quest for meaning – a meaningful relationship with other people, with our environment and with the products that we make, use and consume. In his talk he will compare “Transition Towns” with the growing popularity of home-schooling, the radical-fringe of the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) movement, the emergence of ‘collaborative’ forms of consumption and a unique Kansas-based experiment in ‘Open Source Ecology’ (open sourcing the technology of modern material culture for production, maintenance and repair at home).  Currently Senior Lecturer in Environmental Politics at Keele University, Stephen Quilley worked previously at University College Dublin (1999-2005) and the ESRC Centre for Research on Innovation and Competition in Manchester (1997-1999).

***If you’re interested in going to this event, let’s organize a carpool leaving from Guelph!

Dinner and Panel Discussion in the spirit of MayDay                                                                                                                       Thursday, May 19: 5-8 pm Listen to speakers from the front lines of struggles with: the immigration system, that continues to place restrictions and pressures on immigrants, the continuation of temporary worker programs that deny status and facilitate the abuse of people, the quiet but continuing position of aggression towards those without papers; as well as the continued environment of cuts to the funding of important front line supports and services for (im)migrants.  Speakers include: Kripa Sekhar (Director of the South Asian Women’s Center in Toronto); Phillip Allan (worked under the Seasonal Agriculture Worker’s Program); Pablo Vivanco (Community Organizer with Barrio Nuevo); Marco Luciano (Community Organizer with Migrante International). Everyone welcome!  Potluck – bring your own plate and join and share food with others!

Transition Guelph and Living Centre. Sat. April 30: 10-4 pm Are you looking for an empowering and ecological approach to create transformation in yourself, your backyard, and your community? Permaculture is a whole systems approach that can support you in designing your communities, your economies, and yourself to have the stability, diversity, and resilience of natural ecosystems.  Join Lorenna and Shantree to discover ways you can provide for your own needs and create abundance in your life — while giving back to the Earth and your communities. The solutions are here and can be applied to any situation. This one-day workshop will highlight the skills available to you, and provide an inspiring vision of how your communities and ecosystems can move toward an abundant, healthy and resilient future together.  Cost is sliding scale: $50 to $100. Subsidies are available. Please email[email protected] for more information and to register.

Guelph Urban Forest Friends. Sat. April 23: 11-1 pm The Celebration of the Guelph Loves Trees School Challenge! The winning elementary public school will be presented with $500 for their school library and all schools will have some of their submissions on display. Drop in for a morning drink and to enjoy the artistic and heartfelt messages supporting the importance of trees in our city…a fun and timely celebration to follow Earth Day.

Guelph Urban Forest Friends.  Wed. April 20: 7 – 9pm. Join Guelph Urban Forest Friends for a free presentation in our Trees in Our Life series. A fascinating presentation by Doug Eiche, a well known beekeeper in our area, on Growing Nut Trees, followed by a screening of Dirt! The Movie. This is a fascinating movie about the source of all growth. Whether you call it soil, earth or dirt, the top few centimetres of ground are vital to our resilience and sustainability. This living, breathing base may be more alive than we are.

Spark of Brilliance
Monday, April 18th: 6 – 8:00 pm

Spark of Brilliance is opening opportunities to the Guelph/Wellington Region for volunteers interested in the expressive arts, arts-based workshops and events, imagining and dreaming, program planning, and offering your creative gifts and talents. If you know of others who might be interested, please share with them! Come to learn more. Fun and Refreshments included! RSVP to Marcey Gray at [email protected] or [email protected]; or 519.766.4450. x 237

Young Conservation Professionals Career Development Program Friday, April 15: 10 am-2pm. A fun, interactive session where you’ll get to practice what people fear most: speaking in front of others.  You’ll learn how to know your audience, tailor your way of speaking to the occasion, be genuine, creative, use body language, and bring a sense of style to your presentation.  Led by Anika Steblin, an experienced Communication Consultant.  Must register, space is limited: [email protected]  Cost: $45 or by donation.  Room not accessible.

A Conference on Environmental Education through Creative Arts
Wed. April 13: 6:30- 9pm.
Transition Guelph and English students studying Literature and Social Change at the University of Guelph bring a FREE event intended to explore strategies for integrating creative arts with environmental and sustainability education. Featured presenters include Chris Earley, Shirley Hunt, Madhur Anand, and Susan Hubner. Also featured will be a short documentary screening and a musical presentation that will investigate what we as individuals value in nature. We’ll begin at 6:30 pm with a casual nature-drawing “workshop” just for fun! Light refreshments will be provided.

Improvisation, Community, and Social Practice (ICASP)
Frid. April 8: 6-10 pm.
This is an event to raise awareness about what students are doing in the community and show that there is a desire and movement for students to have more community facing dynamics added to their courses. This event is free to all, and hopes to bring together students, faculty members, and organizations and to inspire students to apply their knowledge and passions outside of the university campus. (

AIDS Committee of Guelph/Wellington Support Group Continuing Wednesdays. Next one: Wed. April 6: 6:30-8:30 pm AIDS Committee of Guelph/Wellington is holding a support group on Wednesday evenings at 10 Carden. The AIDS Committee provides service in the area of HIV/AIDS through innovative health promotion strategies and community partnerships. To find out more about this particular support program, contact Natalie Basaraba, the Harm Reduction Outreach Coordinator, at 519.763.2255 x 151 or [email protected]