Build It or Buy It?!

One of the oldest questions in IT gets more and more complicated as new options emerge. It’s a troubling question for new and existing ventures: should you license a commercial enterprise to build an application that to meet the needs of your business or organization, or would it be better to build your own, so that you can track or manage the project as closely as possible? Have you ever paid for a commercial product only to find that it doesn’t meet all of your needs, and you’re stuck with it?

Do you have what it takes to create an IT system in-house?  Build-versus-buy decision points remain the same: cost, time to market, skill sets, long-term flexibility and strategic value. We’ve assembled a panel of individuals that have tackled the problem. Experts in the IT field will outline existing and emerging trends. Together they will share their successes and challenges. You’ll likely find a wild mix of approaches that can help you assess whether you need to outsource or whether you have the capacity to build from within.

Speaker: Brydon Gilliss

Co-Presentation with Innovation Guelph