Innovation Guelph: Entrepreneur’s Toolkit Workshops

Entrepreneur’s Toolkit Workshops
September to June
The Entrepreneur’s Toolkit Workshops are a collection of experiential, hands-on, group workshops designed to introduce resources and activities that aid entrepreneurs in specific areas of business growth.

Fundamentals of Business Strategy
(3 workshops, 4 hours each @ 10 Carden)

Part 1 – Designing a Value Proposition
8:30 – 12:30pm –> Friday, October 28
Entrepreneurs will learn tools to identify viable target customers and explore the value offering of their product or service
Deliverable: A one-sentence value proposition.

Part 2 – Designing a Business Model
Entrepreneurs will use their value proposition to test their business model for sustainability.
Deliverable: A workable business model, based on Osterwalder’s business model canvas.
8:30 – 12:30pm –> Friday, November 4

Part 3 – Perfecting your Pitch
Entrepreneurs will learn the key principles of effective communication to investors or early customers.
Deliverable: The skeleton of a 10-slide pitch deck.
8:30 – 12:30pm –> Thursday, November 10

Note: a $50 deposit is required for the workshop series and will be refunded after the last workshop has been completed. The deposit is conditional upon your attendance of all the workshops in this series.To view a complete list of the MaRS toolkit workshops offered by Innovation Guelph go to the website: