Inspired by the Guelph and District Multicultural Festival!

Beginning with the raising of the One World flag in front of Guelph City Hall, and concluding with the colorful closing ceremony at the picturesque Guelph Riverside Park, this year’s Guelph and District Multicultural festival was an exciting exploration into the possibilities that arise when we explore cultures other than our own, celebrating what makes each of us unique and at the same time brings us together.  We watched folks of all ages and cultures explore different cuisines, listen to a variety of ethnic performers from around the world, and celebrate unique cultural activities such as the  Chinese overture “Spring Festival”, Argentinean tango, Romanian and Hungarian dances, Italian songs, a wide assortment of delicious ethnic foods, and so much more!

10 Carden tabled under one of the big white tents, nestled between the henna tattoo workshop and the more-serious Diabetes Care Guelph awareness table.  Our co-op student Shelene Douglas helped man our table, which we also shared with Transition Guelph for a couple of hours.   The collaborative sharing of the table with other organizations and our co-op student allowed us to get the word out there about our member groups more effectively.

Being at the festival allowed us to meet families, groups, and youth we wouldn’t have otherwise connected to.  Folks with a keen interest in cultural, ethnic, and creative diversity within the social change movement were curious about the work we do, our wonderful member organizations, and how they can get involved.  Being at the festival has also inspired us to seek new ways of integrating cultural diversity and play into the day-to-day life of our organization: to create a dynamic space that is welcome to folks from all cultures and walks of life.  We promote inclusiveness and diversity at 10 Carden, and we encourage all people in our community to use our space for networking, learning, and growing together.  As we reach out to new neighbors, in an effort to engage them in our social change initiatives, we help create a more dynamic and resilient society – enriching for all!

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