Join us for a special 10 Carden Workshop at Hillside Festival!

Social change at Hillside…

We are hosting a workshop using innovation and community collaboration to bring about social change.  For this workshop we’ll bring community partners together and have a discussion with workshop members with a focus on how we can shift attitudes and behaviours around ‘fun in the sun’ while understanding the importance of sun protection.  Hillside is a model community for many social change practices – from re-usable dishes and water bottles to its feature green roof  — we hope to discuss how we can work together to model what might be achievable long term at Hillside and beyond.

The purpose of the workshops is to bring people together and to begin to shift attitudes and behaviours around sun protection.  August is Melanoma month, so after the Hillside workshops the collaborative that comes together will continue their efforts by organizing additional awareness building workshops and fun community activities that will help create a new culture around sun protection in Guelph and beyond.

This – like all of our efforts – is a collaborative initiative involving many different folks, and a creative musical twist as a model for creating change. Among the organizations and folks involved are: McNeil (with donations), WGD public health, Gail Cornwell, and Patricia Gray.

On Sunday we have a special treat: Sandy Mackay, a performer who lives in New Brunswick, is joining us.  He performs whenever allowed with various bands, including Small Moots, the Banned and Family.  He will share a song titled “SPR 25”,  inspired by this experience:

“we traveled to Muskoka to visit the Dukes, and spent a glorious weekend out in the hot Ontario sun. I usually burned badly, but as a responsible young father I was learning and applying the lessons of skin care to my young family and of course following suit as a good example. On the way home, I was pleased to have no sunburn after a long weekend outside, and composed this song with the kids in the car en route back home to see my folks in Eramosa.”

Do join us at the festival – and if you are a musician and want to get involved, we especially want to hear from you!

Workshop details:
Hillside, Interplay Tent: Saturday, July 23rd, 5-6 PM and Sunday, July 24, 6-7 PM

Festival Information – check out the exciting lineup of local and world artists!