Music, melanoma awareness, and collaboration at Hillside Festival!

What? Workshop on Social Change, Music, and Sun Protection

Where? Hillside Festival, INTERPLAY TENT

When? Saturday, July 23rd, 5- 6 PM and Sunday, July 24th, 6-7 PM

Join us for this exciting workshop to explore how collaborations can bring about social change.  Melanoma is the issue, music is the vehicle, and social change is the goal.  How can we work together to shift attitudes around sun protection, and how can music be one of the tools to achieve this?  Come with your ideas, thoughts, musical instruments, children, and be part of this exciting new sun protection awareness campaign!

You’ll also get to meet and be inspired by musicians Sandy MacKay, Mike Driscoll, and Doug Larson.  Sandy is from New Brunswick, and is an experiential teacher and busker by trade; Mike Driscoll is a local activist and community economic developer; and Doug Larson is a professor at the University of Guelph, ecologist, researcher, and author of recently released book Storyteller Guitar.

We hope to see you there!