Nutrition, stress, and food combining

Lorraine Blackwell’s presentation on managing stress as a small business owner on May 16th was inspiring; packed with interesting information on how diet impacts our response to stressful situations, there was lots of opportunity to ask personal questions.  Lorraine’s message was that what we eat, how we exercise, and how much free time we have to rest and spend with loved ones will impact our overall health and our ability to be successful at what we do.  The conversation took on an unexpected turn as participants wanted to get into the details about food combining and how it can improve digestive health, one of the first things to suffer when we are under stress.

It was a small workshop, but a wonderful opportunity for some deep learning!  If you missed out on this, or other workshops from our spring series,  and want to learn more, do visit us for handouts and to get connected!  Or get in touch with Lorraine Blackwell directly, and have her come and speak to your organization or group!