Our AGM was a great success!

A little bit of an update for those who missed our first Annual General Meeting…because we know how hard it is to get to everything!

What were some highlights of the meeting?

Mark Rodford, owner of the Cornerstone and Ouderkirk & Taylor, opened with the 10 Carden story – the interesting stream of events that us to the present moment: over 50 social change organizations and businesses sharing, learning, and connecting at 10 Carden!

It was wonderful to hear  5 of our member organizations talk about the collaborations that they’ve been involved in through 10 Carden.  We’d like to share who these groups are:

FutureWatch Environment and Development Education Partners Rodrigo Goller from the advisory board for FutureWatch, spoke about his experience co-working at 10 Carden and the relationship he has developed with organizations such as Transition Guelph.  It’s definitely been a reciprocal and mutually beneficial relationship with FutureWatch, as we are fortunate to share our space with them, and in return, have access to their expertise on engaging diverse cultural groups.  Their work connecting new Canadians to their local natural environment and community is inspiring for all of us who are trying to create an inclusive, just, and open society.

Transition Guelph: Transition Guelph’s (TG) Sally Ludwig  (also a 10 C host!) spoke about the community-wide TG Resilience Festival which happened recently in Guelph, and which brought many in the community together to celebrate a growing movement to deepen our community’s commitment to deep change on every level.  Transition Guelph partners and collaborates with many environmental, social, and other groups in Guelph, many of whom meet and work at 10 Carden.  FutureWatch and TG have been collaborating closely over the past few months, and have had a great positive impact working together!

The Institute for Community Engaged Scholarship (Research Shop): Research Shop is an active co-working member of 10 Carden, funneling researchers from the University of Guelph to the downtown core where they can connect more easily to the community and to real research needs.  Anne Bergen presented on the role of Research Shop at 10 Carden, and how the space at 10 C has allowed for some of their projects to take off.

Student Life, University of Guelph Wellington Water Watchers Janet Doner spoke of some of the personal and professional connections she’s made at 10 C, and how they flowered into projects that have now taken on a life of their own.  The spontaneous connection she made with Arlene from Wellington Water Watchers has created new research opportunities and ideas for connecting work around water to art, education, and other community projects.  Arlene is also a co-worker at 10 Carden, sharing space with a few other organizations on the second floor.  If you’re interested in water (and who isn’t?) be sure to keep in touch to find out where this new collaboration will flow!