Social Enterprises and Social Purpose Ventures Workshop Nov 16, 2011!

In collaboration with Innovation Guelph, we invite you to join us for our free capacity building workshops for this season.   Register today to reserve a spot!


Social Enterprises and Social Purpose Ventures: where do you fit?  November 16th, 4:30-6:00 pm

Are you a start-up with a cause? Does your non-profit operate with a social purpose? Where exactly do you fit on the social innovation spectrum?

There are distinct business models emerging that enable non-profits to support themselves financially in innovative ways instead of relying solely on grants and donations.

At the same time, new business ventures are popping up that have all the money-making sense of a for-profit enterprise, the social goals of the public sector, and the mission-driven passion of a nonprofit organization. Combined, those attributes put market-based solutions to social problems, generating both financial resources and social value.

Essential to the success of these social enterprise endeavours is an effective business model. We will review a number of models to help workshop attendees determine where they fit one the social innovation spectrum, and what business model is most appropriate to power their mission.

Social Accounting, the Social Economy, and Sustainable Local Economies: November 8:  5:30-7:30 pm at 10 Carden

How can social accounting be a useful practical support for your business or community organization? Can it provide a direct connection to sustainable and local economies? What is the link between social accounting and the broader issues within the Social Economy. Are there costs?

Social accounting has been seen by many as a revolution in the way individuals, businesses and communities approach economic activity. Especially appealing is the concept of “triple bottom line” accounting, which is supposed to value the environment (planet), labour (people) and profit in equal measures for economic entities. Author and Associate Professor J.J. McMurtry will lead a discussion on the theory and practice of social accounting, highlighting its usefulness to socially concerned businesses and community organizations, while highlighting its perceived challenges and threats.

J.J. McMurtry is an Associate Professor in the Business and Society Program at York University in Toronto.  He has recently published edited collections on the Social Economy (Living Economics:  Canadian Perspectives on the Social Economy, Co-operatives, and Community Economic Development, 2010) and Co-operatives (Co-operatives in a Global Economy, 2009) and chapters on Purchasing Policies and Social Accounting (forthcoming 2012).  He also has taught for the MBA in Community Economic Development at Cape Breton University and is course director of the Ontario Co-operative Association/Schulich School of Business Co-operative Management Certificate.


Guelph Community Media, Mapping Tools: Tuesday October 4, 5:30-7:30 pm at 10 Carden

This workshop discusses the potential of mapping to strengthen communities’ ability to know their neighbourhood and plan for its future.  In cities around the world, community and neighbourhood organizations are using mapping tools to assist them in visioning, planning and advocating for their needs.

This workshop is for local organizations, groups, and businesses engaged in strengthening Guelph’s urban and rural fabric.  The concepts and components of community mapping will be described, and ideas from community members might lead towards the implementation of a ‘Guelph Community Media’ system.  The workshop will enable:
– ongoing dialogue across Guelph’s neighbourhoods and communities;
– community groups and organizations, who share a passion for healthy, culturally and socially vibrant, sustainable landscapes to publish, share, and discover each other’s visions, plans, ideas, projects, challenges and events on a searchable virtual urban canvas;
– shared asset mapping processes
– viral engagement at the community level
– to learn mapping of content and events, with COMPA’s “landscape pages” publication toolset.

The Centre for Community Mapping (COMAP –, a not-for-profit corporation devoted to research and development, creates and deploys strategies for socio-economic, cultural and environmental innovation based on modern information and communications technology. COMAP’s web-based applications use collaborative geomatics, social media and customized applications to support partnerships among members of geographic and virtual communities of practice whose common goal is strengthening civil society within a sustainable economy.