Warm welcome to Mandy Wettlaufer – our Katimavik Volunteer!!!

Hailing from the tiny suburb of Saint Constant, off the coast of Montreal, Quebec, weighing in at 115 pounds and volunteering in Guelph with Katimavik, we present your new volunteer, Mandy!

A political junkie from the age of eighteen and a budding environmentalist since childhood, she hopes that in her six months here she will get to see and help 10Carden grow into the community changing space it so deserves to be.

Mandy is attracted to a myriad of subjects and spends most time filling her brain with as much information as possible on anything of interest, from veganism to psychology. She attended two four-week lecture courses at the Douglas Psychological Institute in Montreal, as well as has volunteered with the Montreal SPCA. Currently she is volunteering with Katimavik, a youth program geared towards engaging people from the ages of seventeen to twenty one in volunteer activities.

Excited by the concept of 10 Carden, and more than pleased to become a part of the team, she’s just chomping at the bit to see what’s in store!