Welcome Katimavik Volunteers!

Stop by to meet them!  If you are a 10 Carden member and need an extra volunteer hand, Kayla and Justin might be able to help you out…

Justin Hall, graduate of Cowichan High, June 2011, was born October 13, 1992, in Victoria B.C. He moved around the island for 9 years, finally settling in Duncan, finding his foster parents, with whom he lived with for 4 years, until he turned 19. He moved in with his best friend and lived on his own for 3 months before joining Katimavik. Justin joined Katimavik originally because he needed volunteer hours to be able to join the navy, something he has dreamed of doing for many years. His interests and hobbies include music, swimming, reading, and helping those who are in need. He is volunteering with 10 Carden because he appreciates the motivation and the ideas behind this organization. With these concepts in mind, he hopes to be able to bring some of these ideas back home with him and hopefully try to imply these beliefs in his community.

Kayla. Hello. My name is Kayla I am from Kelowna, BC. I am apart of the 6 month Katimavik program and am here to volunteer where I am needed. I “work” at Hillside and 10 Carden for Fourth Fridays. THe first thing I will tell you about is why I joined Katimavik. I wanted to help in the Canadian Environment and I think I could offer new ideas and two hands for the communities that are in need of help. Another part of why I joined Katimavik was to see more of Canada and since I have been in Guelph, I have definitely-grown roots here and would love to stay even though it’s been only 12 days. Guelph is a great place to be in terms of how green it is and in the aspect of how kind and loving the people here are. I’m hoping I can also make positive changes in Guelph such as cleaning up the streets with the Katimavik house and also having that spread into the Guelph community.

Some other information I can tell you about myself is who I was before I came to Katimavik. I graduated from Rutland Senior secondary school in 2011. Art was my main subject of interest and I have been creating for years. In grade 9 I got a piece of my artwork in the local art Gallery. I also participated in 2 mural classes at The Rotary Center for the arts. The last one of the murals resulted in my fellow classmates and I getting in the Kelowna Snap Magazine. I have always enjoyed art which is why I was inspired to be apart of Fourth Fridays. Some of the people that have driven me towards art are Vincent Van Gogh, Picasso, Blu, and Amy Sol. I am hoping I can do everything I can for my work placements and more because this is an extremely great opportunity for me to help out and more importantly learn.