10C Collabs

At 10C, we don’t simply talk about collaboration and community partners, we live and breathe it! One way we lead by example is through our “10C Collab” series, 10C members join forces with 10C staff to offer workshops, lunch and learns, and talks on a diverse range of educational topics. Below are a few examples of Collabs we’ve run:

How To Find The Career You Love

Collab with various Career Coaches

November is Canada Career Month, and 10C collaborates with different career professionals to help community members find what’s missing in their work life to truly bring fulfillment and meaning. 

Putting Evaluations To Work For Us: Non-Profit Organizations Learning Together

Collab with Community Engaged Scholarship Institute & Taylor Newberry Consulting

Evaluation is a highly useful tool and skill to help non-profit organizations determine their community impact, identify next steps, and communicate insights from their successes. However, oftentimes organizations do not have the proper training to efficiently and effectively conduct them. By partnering with CESI and TNC, we hope to break down common barriers to help non-profit organizations fully utilize the benefits of evaluations. This series of workshops are designed to provide simple, cost-effective and practical strategies to make evaluation less time-consuming, less stressful, and more useful. We are happy to announce that this has turned into an annual event!

Lawyer Lunch-and-Learns & Ask-the-Lawyer Days

Collab with various law firms (i.e. Ferris Law & Deliscar Professional Corporation)

January 23, 2013 marked our very first “Ask-the-Lawyer” Day with Suzanne Deliscar from Deliscar Professional Corporations. Since then, 10C has hosted ten different hour-long presentations with our community lawyers, to present on various topics regarding law.

Our “Ask-the-Lawyer Days” have since transitioned to be  “Lawyer Lunch-and-Learns”, a series of presentations that aims to communicate different aspects of law to the general public. The past year, we have hosted three Lawyer Lunch-and-Learns with Suzanne Deliscar. Examples of topics covered over our Lunch-and-Learns include laws regarding employment and labour; marriage, custody and divorce; family law; as well as wills, powers of attorney and advanced care planning. 

Law plays a key role in society but often lacks communication to the public, and we want to change that! We will be continuing this series throughout the year, covering other areas of law that have implications to everyday life.