2018 Official Year in Review

10C a place that nourishes community
2018 was a busy and potential-filled year
at 10C as we started to ‘settle in’ and get a sense of the demands and scale of operations of our expanded community placemaking project. IT was also a year of identifying gaps and making plans to strengthen the organization to build towards longer term goals. One thing we are certain of is that we have “inspired possibility.” There is a major demand for 10C to share space, as well as programming with the community.

We are growing into the longer-term expression of 10C as a place that nourishes community. 

Land Acknowledgement

We would like to recognize that the land on which we gather is the traditional territory of the Chonnonton, Haudenosaunee, Anishinaabeg, Wendat and Metis, and more recently the territory of the Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nation.

In particular we would like to express gratitude for the way finding support and tracks provided by adherents to the Dish With One Spoon Wampum Belt Covenant for peaceably sharing Glory Land with freedom seeking slaves of the Underground Railroad.

In the spirit of the generosity of solidarity of all the people we will undertake the responsibility to put things right.


Official documents capturing the 2018 Year in Review include:

AGM: 2018 Year in Review Agenda

AGM 2017 Year in Review Minutes
(for review and approval at 2018 Year in Review AGM)

2018’s revenue model described as a pie chart
(It’s a blend of people, place and programming. To be uploaded after AGM.)

2018 10C Financial Statements
(for Review and Approval at 2018 Year in Review AGM. To be uploaded after AGM.)

2018 42C Financial Statements for Review
(to be approved by 42C Board of Directors. To be uploaded after AGM.)

2018 Monthly Board of Director Minutes
(from the monthly meetings of the 10C Board of Directors)

List of 10C Shared Space Members as at Dec 31, 2018
(to intake into official record at 2018 Year in Review AGM.)

2018 Reflection from the Board of Directors

Kerry Daly, Incoming Board Chair

2018 was a period of significant change for the 10C Board of Directors. Many board members completed their terms – only Heather Watt-Kapitain and Ben O’Hara remain from the 2017 Board. In addition, after serving as Chair for 2 years, Heather transitioned to Vice-Chair earlier this month. We are all grateful for Heather’s leadership at a critical time and the herculean efforts of past Board members who so courageously and ably transitioned this organization from small 10C to BIG 10C – an enormous task by any measure. Also grateful for all of the new board members who have stepped up to shepherd 10C through the next phase of its growth.

Over the course of 2018, the Board faced a number of significant challenges.

Physical space

Although most of the move-in to 42C occurred in 2017, there were a number of ongoing efforts with respect to growing membership, occupancy and tenancy; completion of the building itself (paint, baseboards etc.); and perhaps most importantly the installation of the new kitchen.


The board focused on the structuring and completion of the bond investments (especially Series G and H), the articulation of our financial risks and an accompanying set of mitigation strategies, and the development of a fundraising strategy for 2019.

Board Development

The Board created 4 new sub-committees to more effectively address key work areas for the organization – Finance; Fundraising; Social Impact; and Programming and Placemaking.

As we move forward in 2019, the Board is focused on these opportunities:

From physical building to community building

With the new building complete and tenancy rates robust, our goal now is to further build and strengthen our network of relationships in the community. 10C is located in the heart of Guelph; our mandate is to be the heart of Guelph through connection, collaboration and creativity. We will achieve this through new programming (e.g. Nourish, Collab Workshops, Member Connections), an escalation of conversations with potential partners and the creative use of the community space that we’ve created.

A renewed effort to communicate our social impact

10C does remarkable work; we are an enormous asset to the city and we need to tell our story! With the help of Taylor Newberry Consulting, CESI and OMS at the University of Guelph (Professor Gloria González-Morales), the Board is gaining clarity on the impact that 10C has in the community and is dedicated to telling this story in compelling ways.

Fundraising, sponsorship and grants

As a not for profit community organization, 10C will always be reliant on the community for a portion of its funding. In our efforts to fully activate the building – including the new kitchen, we are doubling down on our efforts to raise funds to increase our human resources capacity, complete the kitchen, and increase our range of programming options to more effectively support Guelph’s vibrant social innovation sector.

2018 in pictures. The great settling in.

At the beginning of January, the 4th floor was JUST being finished. We gained occupancy of the 4th floor at the end of the month!


January – Connecting the vent for the make-shift kitchen.


January – The makeshift kitchen which would soon become our move-in storage space as we settled into the rest of the building.

January – Joy Sammy on-campus engaging students.

10C’s seasonal social, a casual event in January for members to connect.

The Community Engaged Scholarship exhibit in the University of Guelph Gallery and Lounge.

A quiet celebration after the electronic fund transfer for the first mortgage with Vancity Community Investment Bank was complete.

Honey and Harvest, a recap of our Rooftop Planning and Community Engagement project.

Hillside Inside’s Girls and Guitars event @10C. Rose Cousins is one of the first people to sing on the 4th floor.


The Integrated Business and Humanities program from McMaster University visits 10C and talks about social enterprise, social finance.

We learn that when the City sidewalk crews fill the drains with sidewalk snow, that the roof water build-up could cause major problems.

Days later, we celebrate on the rooftop upon hearing that we received our $119,600
Ontario Trillium Foundation grant to build the community kitchen.

A visit Heartwood Farms, to meet with Val and Brent to talk about future
urban-rural collaboration, rewards us with magical time with baby pigs.

10C Sponsor and community leader, Wellington Brewery hosts Queen of Craft V at 10C!

We tested the limits of the 4th floor and created a great space for conversation, connection and learning.

Kazoo! getting ready for action. In 2018, 10C would become home to many festivals and large member events.

Seeking what would be rare quiet space in the Community Classroom.
Onboarding for Social Venture Exchange, an audio pitch to the Investment Review Committee.

Useful evaluation project wrap-up in Toronto with shared space collaborators, Pillar Not for Profit and Centre for Social Innovation.

Community Engaged Research! The OMS students recap their semester-long project, and reveal how some of our
spatial decisions, like ALL gender-neutral bathrooms, are engaging members and supporting our social values.

Another student engagement project brainstorms ideas for the 10C kitchen, as the “heartbeet” of Guelph.

April – 10C took a tour of kitchens and social food projects in Hamilton with community partners, including the Seed.

MPP Liz Sandals delivers the news that 10c received funding for $119,600 for the Shared Certified Commercial Kitchen.
This grant is helping us to launch the kitchen a full 3 years prior to planned!

EPIC 2018 10c’s moving in party hosted over 20 performances on one community-filled day. We are saving up our energy for EPIC 2019.

Epic was attended by over 200 people. We loved hosting this party and learned a lot. We can’t wait for the next edition.

Art on the Street exhibit in the Gallery and Lounge.

10C and Handel hosted a Care and Repair Cafe COLLAB, which helped many people
to fix their computers hardware or software at a pay what you can scale.

Bryan, who leads many of our urban agriculture initiatives, is planting up our summer boxes, as it will soon be patio time.

Emily JohnstonEmily joined the team as our Financial Administrator. She keeps track of numbers like no tomorrow and has fun doing it!

In June, another visit to Heartwood Farm brings new ideas for future collaboration and begins to deepen relationships.

June in Downtown Guelph from the 10C rooftop. Completing the rooftop is still on the ‘one-day’ category.

In July, we hired Sydney and Julie as our summer students. Julie for a return, and Sydney as a first time 10C team member.
We discovered Sydney’s secret skill, creating magical images of all of the rooms, waiting to be filled.

July – The Unravelled Exhibit by Lily Tran hosted by the Guelph Arts Council,
filled 10C with thoughtful pieces, allowing us to contemplate the work of creation.

In August, we received some perfectly timed short term funding which would help us hire an Events Activator,
bringing Jordan onto the team, which we are so greatful for!

In the summer, Community Bond Investor engagement continued. We were gearing up for Series G and H while completing the last parts of Series E. Between June and the end of October, we brought in nearly $650,000 in financing for the building.

10C as seen from the Guelph Jazz Festival Weekend. 10C is host to the artist GreenRoom and volunteer centre on the main floor.

In September and for the remainder of the year, the focus is on systems!
Julia, Joy, Jordan, Emily and Dale are incrementally working out what is needed to maintain and expand our operations.

In October, our board of directors takes a retreat day, to get deeply into the complexity.

This stirs a deeper level of understanding, new ideas and a collective sense of commitment.

A lot of filming takes place in the Sunroom, including this snapshot of 10C in the Telosity, business for purpose video.

Hot peppers were one of our small harvests from the patio container planters. Kathy,
one of our hosts, made a fabulous hot sauce with these small bundles of sunshine.

On October 21, 2018, 10C celebrated our 10th anniversary. Friends, members and volunteers made cakes to celebrate.

October brought even more workshops, education sessions to the Community Classroom,
including Tamarack for a Design Thinking and Prototyping sessions.

By November, we were starting to summarize the Community Bond Investment campaign.
Our single slide for our presentation at Social Finance Forum.



The team from Making Box helped connect us to all kinds of contexts in the annual 10C Fail Night.
Our big question: What are the factors that need to be present to make it easier to take risks?

By, November, the kitchen work is starting to get underway.


November 10C Transformed into a music venue, a fundraiser for youth facing mental health.

November 10C Transformed into a music venue, a fundraiser for youth facing mental health.

Much of the fall of 2018 was spent conceptualizing an interconnected funding and financing ecoystem, including social finance,
that would bring Guelph and Wellington’s vision for a Circular Food Economy to reality.
10C is one of 150 stakeholders in our Smart Cities Challenge.

We attended and presented at the Social Finance Forum in November 2018.

We summarized the 2017 year very late in 2018, and we had a lot of ground to cover to get that far.

Inklings of the new coffee service area in the classroom and warehouse windows overlooking shared commercial kitchen.

December, shared commercial community kitchen work continues, some equipment is already on site.