2019 Official Year In Review

In light of COVID-19, our AGM will be held this year on ZOOM. We can not wait to see you again, safely in person!

June 10th, 2020 4:00-5:30pm 

Meeting ID: 995 5624 5776
Password: 433498

Google JAMBOARD – white board for your ideas, comments

2019 for 10C can best be expressed as a year of welcoming new people, building relationships and growing collective strength.

Our biggest physical change is that in 2019, we formally launched the kitchen and began to start-up food uses. 2019 was financially challenging, but we incrementally made progress and grew this social enterprise. Each month we expanded our membership, our events, our collaborations and our service to community. With a major focus on grant-writing and project development, we became a valued partner in Our Food Future, received our first McConnell Foundation project grant, continued to receive Community Well-Being funding from the City of Guelph. We wrote many other project and capital grants some of which will be announced in 2020.

Our membership grew to 191 members.
123 organizations, 47 individuals, 18 students, and 3 venture members for 2019.

2019 in five words = Challenging year, but building momentum.

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1- Introduction to  ZOOM meeting processes by Heather Watt-Kapitain, Past Chair

Mute, Chat, Timing, Motion Process and Google JAMBOARD – white board for your ideas, comments

Attendance – by Jordan Delfs and Emily Johnston
Please enter your name and organization in the ZOOM chat.

2 – Introduction to 10C team and context setting – by Julia Grady, Executive Director

3 – Community Welcome by Joy Sammy, Community Animator

We would like to recognize that the land on which we gather is the traditional territory of the Chonnonton, Haudenosaunee, Anishinaabeg, Wendat and Metis, and more recently the territory of the Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nation.

In particular we would like to express gratitude for the way finding support and tracks provided by adherents to the Dish With One Spoon Wampum Belt Covenant for peaceably sharing Glory Land with freedom seeking slaves of the Underground Railroad.

In the spirit of the generosity of solidarity of all the people we will undertake the responsibility to put things right.

At 10C, we will each individually and together, pledge to look and listen for social injustice. We will work to dismantle systems that oppress and give voice and opportunity to those speaking for change.

4 – Review of Current AGM AGENDA – by Amy Kipp

    • Draft Motion #1: To approve AGM Agenda for the 2019 Year in Review

5 – Review of last year’s AGM 2019 Minutes (for the 2018 year in review) – by Amy Kipp

    • Draft Motion #2: To approve AGM Minutes for the 2018 year in review

6 – 2019 Reflection from the Board of Directors – by Kerry Daly (Board Chair) (10 min)

As reference 2019 Monthly Board of Director Minutes

Kerry Daly, Board Chair

As I reflect back on 2019, I think 10C went through the final stages of its rebirth from a small organization at 10 Carden Street, to a significantly larger, more complex organization at 42 Carden Street. As a rebirth, it was marked by both labour pains and celebration.

One of the main “pushes” over the course of 2019 was to finish the kitchen and launch the Nourish program. Like so many other aspects of rebuilding the physical plant of 10C, the kitchen was expensive and came with some unanticipated costs and challenges. Slowly but surely, walls were completed, vents installed, appliances put into place, tiles adorned the walls, and approvals were granted. Our Nourish program brought people and aromas to the new kitchen space and it quickly became a place of gathering, learning and entrepreneurship. As is the case with any home, the kitchen has become the heart and hearth of 10C.

With many of the physical components of 10C completed in 2019, our energies as a Board turned to programming for our future. In addition to all of the activities associated with Nourish, we were active and successful in seeking program grants that would help us advance the mission of 10C. Using our Theory of Change as a guide, we sought out grants that would support the advancement of our Nourish programs, placemaking, and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. To this end, we were delighted to be a key partner in the Smart Cities project and the recipient of a variety of grants including the Local Food Infrastructure Capital grant from the federal government, a McConnell Solutions Accelerator grant, and a Canadian Women’s Foundation grant in support of helping marginalized women establish their own micro-enterprises with access to peer support and micro-loans. We will pilot the Nourish Women’s Enterprise Fund in 2020.

10C made excellent strides over the year in developing a set of measurement tools to assess our social impact. With the help of Taylor Newberry Consulting, the Board is gaining clarity on the impact that 10C has in the community and is dedicated to telling this story in compelling ways.

2019 was a year of many financial challenges as we struggled to complete the physical building, build our occupancy and launch into our envisioned programs. By the end of the year, positive momentum was starting to build and we were optimistic about our fiscal outlook for 2020. We continue on with our fundraising efforts. In 2019, we launched our monthly donation program through Friends of 10C and Friends of Nourish and we are pleased with the initial positive response we have received in those campaigns.

Times have changed in recent months – but 10C is weathering the storm and we are confident that the vibrancy of 10C and the forward momentum of 2019 will be restored and move us forward in new ways as the placemaking hub of Guelph and surrounding areas.

7. 2019 42C Financial Statements – by Dan Lovero (5 min)

Overview of 42C Financial Statements and relationship to 10C. (For reference and context to 10C’s operating and to bond investors. To be approved by 42C Board of Directors.)

8. 2019 10C Financial Statements – by Dan Lovero (10 min)

Summary of 10C Profit and Loss Statement
Summary of Balance Sheet – Assets & Liabilities

    • Comments and questions
    • Draft Motion #3: To accept 2019 financial statements for 10 Carden Shared Space.

9. 10C By-Laws – by Ian Digby (10 min)

Various updates highlighted to update our formal by-laws, most notably formally including bond investors as 10C members. For update and approval at AGM 2020.

    • Draft Motion #4: To approve updates to 10C By-Laws       

10. 10C Incoming and Outgoing Board Overview – by Heather Watt-Kapitain (10 min)

Outgoing Board Members:

    • Ben O’Hara – completion of term
    • JME Maxwell – resignation February 2020
    • Inam Carere – resignation June 2020

Introduction of current and continuing board members.

Continuing Service of Existing Board Members

    • Heather Watt-Kapitain (May 2016-May 2022)
    • Ian Digby (August 2018-August 2021)
    • Dan Lovero (August 2018-August 2021)
    • Jess Haines (February 2019-February 2022)
    • Belinda Leach (March 2019-March 2022)

Board member term renewals. These are existing board members who have renewed for a next term.

    • Amy Kipp (for 1 year to May 2021)
    • Kerry Daly (for 3 years to May 2023)
    • Draft Motion #5: To approve board member term renewals of Amy Kipp to May 2021 and Kerry Daly to May 2023.

Introduction to new board members for election. Once introduced, we will call a motion to add these members to the 10C Board of Directors. For your approval, these 4 individuals were nominated by the 10C nomination committee in a process taking place in early 2020.

    • Samantha Casey
    • Jennifer Hillier
    • Brent Klassen
    • Diana Smith
    • Draft Motion #6: To approve nominations of new board members: Samantha Casey, Jennifer Hillier, Brent Klassen and Diana Smith for a 3 year term (May 2020- May 2023) (reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors May 13, 2020).

Officers (for 2020-21 year)

    • Chair – Kerry Daly
    • Vice Chair – Belinda Leach
    • Past Chair – Heather Watt-Kapitain
    • Treasurer – Dan Lovero
    • Secretary – Amy Kipp

11. 2019 Highlights, Challenges and 2020 Vision by Julia Grady (10 min)

Summary key highlights of 2019, including programming, knowledge leadership and member engagement including total # of organizational (133), individual (41), student (18), and venture (3) members for 2019.

12. 10C and Social Impact by Amy Kipp (5 min)

13. Open Discussion (15 min)

2019 in pictures. A year of growth.


— Construction Continues —

This how January 2020 began.


— Creating Space —

High School students celebrate the end of the semester with an art show in the Community Classroom.


— Social Finance —

10C spent the start of 2019 continuing our social finance research with members of the Global Alliance For Banking on Values.


— Project Development —

10C spent much of the year working with many other collaborators on Guelph’s Smart Cities Challenge grant application to create Canada’s first circular food economy.


— Community Engagement —

Every Friday night in March Queen of Craft helped us test our 4th floor capacity.


— Food Systems —

10C attended the University of Guelph’s full day Improve Life Challenge, where we won the ‘Most Feasible’ award for a project idea called Food Improv!


— Creating and Sharing Space —

In April, Focus on Nature hosted their annual art show, featuring photos taken by kids and teens on March break. In 2019 10C hosted 27 different art shows!


— Community Programming —

At the start of the summer, 10C adopted the Minga skill-building programming, and began offering sourdough breadbaking, beekeeping, foraging lessons and more as Minga by 10C.


— Urban Agriculture —

10C was approved for a patio and we took advantage by growing as many edible plants as possible. These low-water maintenance containers became part of our container garden educational series, and considering their small footprint, we harvested a lot of tomatoes and herbs.


— Urban Agriculture —

10C and Minga by 10C program partners attended Local Food Fest, and shared how to make self-watering container gardens and many other great skills like bread, kimchi, sausage and cider making, and how to care for backyard chickens!


— Creating and Sharing Space —

We hosted more meetings, events and festivals than any other year EVER with 1650 events, and nearly 25,000 people.


— Food Systems —

By September, kitchen renovations were complete, appliances were installed, and the kitchen was nearing the phase 1 finish line.


— Building Relationships —

At the end of September, we welcomed over 100 people to celebrate the completion of the kitchen, and the work ahead to activate Nourish, a kitchen that helps


— Celebrating Team Work and Dedication —

This is the 10C 2019 team sharing a meal before the Nourish launch. We are also celebrating the many visible touches on 10C that were made by Ben O’Hara, our long time board member who completed his second term with us in May 2020.


— Shared Community Infrastructure —
The Nourish kitchen is becoming a place for our community to share and create their own programs within.


— Welcoming Nourish Members –

Soup Sisters became one of the first groups to use the Nourish kitchen for their wonderful community supportive and engaging project.


— Board of Directors Vision Session —

Our amazing board members Heather and Kerry, envisioning with the board how far 10C can go and how big our ideas can get.


— Social Finance —

Julia attended the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona with the team from Our Food Future, representing Canada’s Smart Cities Challenge. 10C launched Harve$t Impact, a social financing fund, to explore the continuum between philanthropy and finance as we socially promote food system change projects in Guelph-Wellington.


— Sustainable Development Goals —

SDGs on display everywhere, at the Smart City Expo. SDGs have been core to 10C and our member’s work. They are embedded within our Theory of Change and in 2019, we surveyed our members on their work towards achieving the SDGs in our comprehensive member survey.


— Skill Building —

In 2020, we taught our first 10 workshops as Minga by 10C, and extended the love and art of Sourdough Bread making to many participants. More to come in 2020!


— Building Relationships —

In December, we welcomed even more people to celebrate with us, and enjoy the delicious food and inspiration of one of our new friends, Emily Richards, Friend of Nourish.