2020 Official Year in Review

Gather virtually to reflect on milestones from 2020 and look ahead at what’s to come in 2021 and beyond at 10C.


Thursday June 10, 2021 | 4:00 – 5:30PM


We are pleased to update that despite the pressing challenges of the pandemic, 10C is very well-positioned to enter the “Build Back Better” phase of the next few years, with something new to 10C – secure, multi-year project funding and an increasing number of collaborations. In 2019-2020, our team worked diligently on various partnerships, collaborations and funding applications. This work has placed 10C in good shape to weather the impacts of the pandemic through to 2023-24.

We value your engagement and we cannot wait to see you back at 10C, hopefully this fall. In the meantime, we look forward to seeing you online at our virtual AGM.


2020 for 10C can best be expressed as a year of adapting to serve and support community, while growing our network and building capacity.

10C’s unique variety of assets empowered us to support our community in weathering the crises of 2020 in providing adaptive, responsive, and previously unimagined ways.

As it became clear that the pandemic had created urgent threats to food security for many people, the Nourish Kitchen and the partners that use it were deployed to get healthy food to isolated people. In response to concerns about the viability of local businesses during lockdowns, 10C intensified its effort to strengthen local social enterprises. Social convenings shifted to a virtual format, and focused on people who were especially vulnerable. Staff resources that had been focused on managing members, events and infrastructure at the physical space were deployed to other functions, including coaching, virtual networking, proposal development and research.  

The success 10C has had this last year in accessing grants, forming new partnerships, launching new kinds of programs and coaching other social enterprises bodes well for its own sustainability as an organization moving forward.  More importantly, this success has demonstrated in concrete ways what it means to be a hub for social innovation, and why this kind of hub is such an important piece of infrastructure for Guelph and Wellington.  



  1. Introductions
  2. Community Welcome
  3. Approval of 2020 AGM Agenda
  4. Approval of 2019 AGM Minutes
  5. 2020 Members
  6. Reflections from the Board of Directors
  7. 2020 in Review, Impact and 2021 Vision
  8. 2021 Board Member Overview
  9. 2020 42C & 10C Financial Statements
  10. Open Discussion

2020 AGM AGENDA – Detailed

  1. Introductions
  • Hello!
  • Please enter your name and organization in the ZOOM chat
  • Google Jamboard for your ideas, comments, and questions


  1. Community Welcome

We recognize that we are within the treaty lands of Treaty 3 and the Dish with One Spoon Covenant, and will continue to uphold this agreement through our work. The Dish represents our responsibility to share and care for this land, its resources and its people. It is important that as we gather today, we remember to continue to promote Indigenous perspectives and worldviews, commit to our own learning on how to recognize and begin to dismantle systems of oppression. 


  1. Approval of 2020 AGM Agenda

Draft Motion: To approve 2020 AGM Agenda


  1. Approval of 2019 AGM Minutes

Draft Motion: To approve 2019 AGM Minutes


5. 2020 Members

  • In 2020, 10C had 167 members: 100 Organizational Members, 9 Nourish Members, 4 Nourish + Organizational Members, 38 Individual Members, 7 Student Members, 9 Grad Lab Members (Full member list)

Draft Motion: To accept new members as listed in the “2020 10C Membership List” into 10C membership


6. Reflections from the Board of Directors

From Kerry Daly, Past Board Chair:

When I first joined the 10C Board, “epic” was a word that was often used to describe the magnitude of change that accompanied the move from 10 Carden Street to 42 Carden Street. In some ways, what was “epic” then, became “EPIC” (bold and capitalized!) on a whole different scale in 2020. When the pandemic hit, we had a budget that projected for the first time some place-based revenues that would take us out of a deficit position into a surplus position. With the doors closed, those projections evaporated and attention shifted to applying for COVID-based government grants to support staff and the continued operation of 10C. We quickly shifted from an ambitious and optimistic outlook to survival mode.  

In addition to successfully taking advantage of some of the COVID support measures, Julia and staff were very resourceful in pursuing new avenues of program funding – and as her report outlines so beautifully, they were successful in a getting a number of significant grants that supported some of our core funding and allowed us to continue our work in the areas covered by our theory of change including social enterprise, sustainable development goals and the circular food economy. 

In spite of the doors being closed for most of the year, these new sources of programming revenue were truly EPIC in so far as they allowed 10C to scale up in a rapid and dramatic fashion: staff increased from 5 to 12 – including a new Associate Director; steady programming revenues can now be projected out for the next 3-4 years at least; and perhaps most importantly, our Executive Director can begin to focus more of her precious energies on the business of change-making at a higher level including building a social enterprise network, cultivating partnerships, and being a social innovator in the Wellington region and beyond. 

The 10C Board grew to a full contingent last year and now includes 12 members. We established a new set of action groups to correspond with the changes we are going through. The Social Impact Action group will continue to monitor the ways in which 10C makes change happen in our community and beyond. With the increased number of staff, we set up a Human Resources Action Group who have been working hard to create an ecological human resources framework and a set of practical HR policies to support our advancement in this area. The Brand and Marketing Action Group has revisited our theory of change and is looking at the ways that 10C can become an education leader in the development and professionalization of social enterprise. The Social Finance and Community Bonds Action Group created a framework for our first round of renewals for our social bonds. This was a huge success with a very high level of renewals (and with gratitude, some donations!) that made this a near seamless roll over into the next 5 year period. 

So this has been an EPIC year! With the onset of the pandemic, we experienced a near total threat to our placemaking activities; as we prepare to move beyond the lockdowns of the pandemic, we are in a period of robust growth and are well positioned to broaden the scope of our changemaking activities in Guelph and beyond. 


From Belinda Leach, Incoming Board Chair:

I’m so pleased to be in partnership with 10C’s staff, board and members to lead 10C into its next phase.  We have a firm foundation – in the physical building, skilled staff, strong financials and our growing reputation for innovation – from which to broaden and build out our collaborations. 

As an organization we have learned a lot through the pandemic about where the community’s most serious needs and productive opportunities lie, and about how to respond and contribute to these.  I want to thank outgoing chair Kerry Daly for his commitment, thoughtfulness, and leadership through and for change in these unpredictable – and yet definitely epic – times.  

Over the next two years a priority for me is to identify strategic actions that will promote equity and diversity in all of 10C’s work.  I look forward to strengthening our allyships, and engaging everyone’s interests, talents and energy in ways that expand 10C’s capacity to serve its members and the broader community.  I hope you will actively join me, the board and staff as we step into 10C’s next stage in creating social value and impact.


7. 2020 in Review, Impact and 2021 Vision

  • Meet the 10C team
  • Key highlights and impact of 10C in 2020
  • An overview of programs for members and community in 2021.


8. 2021 Board Member Overview


Current and Continuing Board Members:

  • Jess Haines (February 2019-February 2022)
  • Belinda Leach (March 2019-March 2022)
  • Heather Watt-Kapitain (May 2016-May 2022)
  • Kerry Daly (May 2020 – May 2023)
  • Samantha Casey (June 2020 – June 2023)
  • Jennifer Hillier (June 2020 – June 2023)
  • Brent Klassen (June 2020 – June 2023)
  • Diana Smith (June 2020 – June 2023)


Incoming Board Member: Sherrylea Perera

Draft Motion: To formalize the term of new board member Sherrylea Perera for a 3 year term starting June 2020.


Board member term renewals. These are existing board members who have renewed for a next term.

  • Dan Lovero (for 3 years to August 2024)
  • Ian Digby (for 3 years to August 2024)
  • Amy Kipp (for 3 years to May 2024)

Draft Motion: To approve board member term renewals of Amy Kipp to May 2024 and Ian Digby and Dan Lovero to August 2024.


Officers (for 2021-22)

  • Chair – Belinda Leach
  • Vice Chair – Heather Watt-Kapitain
  • Past Chair – Kerry Daly
  • Treasurer – Dan Lovero
  • Secretary – Amy Kipp


10C Representatives on 42C Board (for 2021-22)

  • Chair – Heather Watt-Kapitain
  • Treasurer – Dan Lovero
  • Secretary – Amy Kipp


9. 2020 42C & 10C Financial Statements

Draft Motion: To accept 2020 financial statements for 10 Carden Shared Space.


10. Open Discussion

  • Google Jamboard for your ideas, comments, and questions.
  • As we rebuild post-Covid, what’s important to you?