2021 Official Year in Review

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Wednesday June 22 | 4:00PM | Virtual event

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Wednesday, June 22, 2022 | 4:00PM | via Zoom

  1. Introductions & Attendance
  2. Community Welcome
  3. Approval of 2021 AGM Agenda
  4. Approval of 2020 AGM Minutes
  5. Approval of 2021 Board Meeting minutes and Member list
  6. 2021 Year in Review Board Report
  7. 2021 Highlights & Challenges, Future Vision
  8. 2021 42C & 10C Financial Reports
  9. 2021 Board Member Overview
  10. Open Discussion


Detailed Agenda

  1. Introductions & Attendance


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  1. Community Welcome

We would like to recognize that the land on which we gather is the traditional territory of the Chonnonton, Haudenosaunee, Anishinaabeg, Wendat and Metis, and more recently the territory of the Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nation.

In particular we would like to express gratitude for the way finding support and tracks provided by adherents to the Dish With One Spoon Wampum Belt Covenant for peaceably sharing Glory Land with freedom seeking slaves of the Underground Railroad.

In the spirit of the generosity of solidarity of all the people we will undertake the responsibility to put things right.

At 10C, we will each individually and together, pledge to look and listen for social injustice. We will work to dismantle systems that oppress and give voice and opportunity to those speaking for change.


  1. Approval of 2021 AGM Agenda (above)

Motion: To approve AGM Agenda for the 2021 year in review


  1. Approval of 2020 AGM Minutes

Motion: To approve AGM Minutes for the 2020 year in review


  1. Approval of 2021 Board Meeting minutes and Member List

Motion: To intake the Monthly Board of Director Minutes for the 2021 year into record.

Motion: To add into record, the Official list of the Members of 10C Shared Space for the year January 1 to December 31st 2021


  1. 2021 Year in Review Board Report

Reflections from Belinda Leach, Board Chair and Jess Haines, Board Vice Chair:

Almost exactly a year ago the words ‘market revitalization’ began cropping up in all things 10C – in emails and on agendas, in casual chats (mostly virtual) and sometimes in the dreams of staff and volunteers. And in July 2021 we began a formal dialogue with the City of Guelph to “co-create a multi-purpose community market that is thriving with new partnerships, enterprises and active uses 7 days a week”. A year later, those conversations have led to a contract with the City, over $700,000 of infrastructure funding from the federal government, and busy discussions among market vendors, 10C and city staff, architects and contractors about improving the functionality and accessibility of the space and the range of community events that can happen at the market. 

Who could have predicted this new ‘place’ for 10C, this new direction – that builds so well on continuing directions – for 10C?  Well, knowing the power of Julia’s vision for 10C and her gift for drawing talented and skilled people into the organization, many did predict wonderful, innovative initiatives for 10C. But probably not one so broad, so game-changing, and almost certainly not in the middle of a pandemic that for most of 2021 had closed the physical doors of 10C and compelled us to conduct almost all connection virtually. 

While the pandemic took its toll in so many ways in 2021, 10C’s other programs – SDG Cities, Harvest Impact, the Nourish Kitchen, Connecting Circles, to name just a few – advanced and deepened their impact and reach. With stronger project funding that helped to offset declines in place-based memberships and event space rentals, the 10C staff complement grew to advance these, including Katie Baikie in the new position of Associate Director. Katie has big dreams for the market and, among many other responsibilities, is leading the charge to make these dreams a reality. In 2021, while carefully monitoring developments around the market contract, the Board, with staff participation, held a retreat where we reviewed and began to revise 10C’s Theory of Change  and restructured the Board’s Action Groups and mandates to better reflect emerging priorities. Among those priorities is a stronger commitment to enhance the Board’s capacity through greater diversity of expertise and lived experiences. We’re delighted to be presenting to the membership a slate of new board member candidates that moves us further along towards that goal.  With 6 new members, we are bringing onto the board new areas of knowledge and ensuring continuity in understanding 10C’s complexities 2-3 years into the future.

The market revitalization project represents a perfect point of conjunction for all of “C’s” (connection, collaboration, celebrate, etc…) on which 10C is founded and that connects it meaningfully to 10C’s other growing program areas. Remarkably, 10C has not simply weathered the pandemic storms and thunder of 2021, its financial future shows stability, its staff and board are knowledgeable and engaged, and its recognition and reputation as a critical leader in social justice changemaking has never been stronger. 


  1. 2021 Highlights & Challenges, 2022 Vision

Our view of 2021 from Executive Director, Julia Grady and Associate Director, Katie Baikie

This slide deck provides splashes of some of this work underway in 2021.


  1. Board Member Overview

Current and Continuing Board Members:

  • Kerry Daly, Past Chair (May 2020 – May 2023)
  • Samantha Casey (June 2020 – June 2023)
  • Jennifer Hillier (June 2020 – June 2023)
  • Brent Klassen (June 2020 – June 2023)
  • Diana Smith (June 2020 – June 2023)
  • Dan Lovero, Treasurer (August 2021 – August 2024)
  • Ian Digby (August 2021 – August 2024)
  • Amy Kipp, Secretary (May 2021 – May 2024)


Board member term renewals: 

These are existing board members who have renewed for a next term.

  • Jess Haines, Vice Chair (for 3 years to February 2025) 
  • Belinda Leach, Chair (for 3 years to March 2025)


Motion: To approve board member term renewals of Jess Haines to February 2025 and Belinda Leach to March 2025.


Incoming Board Members: 

  • Elaine Stavnitzky (June 2022 – June 2025)
  • Iram Lalima (June 2022 – June 2025)
  • Miriam Foell (June 2022 – June 2025)
  • Seyi Adaghe (June 2022 – June 2025)
  • Suzanne Swanton (June 2022 – June 2025)
  • Theo Peters (June 2022 – June 2025)


Motion: To approve nomination of new board members Seyi Adaghe, Suzanne Swanton, Elaine Stavnitzky, Miriam Foell, Theo Peters, and Iram Lalima for a 3 year term starting June 2022.


Thanks to the officers for 2021 to 2022

Chair – Belinda Leach

  • Vice Chair – Jess Haines
  • Past Chair – Kerry Daly
  • Treasurer – Dan Lovero
  • Secretary – Amy Kipp


10C Representatives on 42C Board (for 2022-23)

  • Chair – Heather Watt-Kapitain
  • Treasurer – Dan Lovero
  • Secretary – Amy Kipp


  1. 2021 10C & 42C Financial Reports

2021 Updates from the 10C Finance Team

10C Treasurer, Dan Lovero, and 10C Executive Director, Julia Grady


2021 10C Profit & Loss Statement

2021 10C Balance Sheet

2021 42C Profit & Loss Statement

2021 42C Balance Sheet


Motion: To approve the 2021 financial statements for 10 Carden Shared Space, as presented, and accept into record.

Motion: To direct that 10C transfer $50,000 of the 2021 surplus to 42C to support servicing current and future debt obligations.

Motion: To accept the financial statements of 42 Carden Shared Space into the Year-End records and information for 10C Shared Space.


  1. Open Discussion

Google Jamboard for your ideas, comments, and questions.

As we rebuild post-Covid, what’s important to you?

What will we create in 2022 and beyond?