About 10 Carden

10 C is… a community hub where you can hold your events.

10 C is… a shared workspace where social change happens.

10 C is… a vibrant place where you can informally connect.

10C Shared Space is the hub for community changemakers in Guelph. We are a not for profit social enterprise creating a platform for those working across sectors and engaging in collaborative work to improve our community. Our tangible offering is downtown coworking and event meeting space, offering students, professionals and researchers working within Guelph a place to gather, exchange ideas and work for change. Our immeasurable benefits extend to the deepening of community relationships, the opening of new opportunities, and discovery of new ways to solve problems. People work, meet, eat, create and brainstorm together at 10C.

10C is creating Social and Financial Returns. Learn more about the 10C Community Bonds.

Revenue> Building> Impact. 10C Shared Space is fueling the social change sector in Guelph. The redevelopment of the former Acker’s Furniture Building at 42 Carden Street in Downtown Guelph is nearing completion and the building is a thriving social innovation hub and a major business asset for downtown Guelph.

With over 130 members working across all social change sectors, 10C and its members are well-positioned play a strong role in building on Guelph’s reputation as a leader in sustainability, innovation and vibrant community engagement. Part of the vision with the building project is to create a stable platform for collaboration, resource sharing, and collective community impact.

Did you know? 10C and our members are working towards 15 of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We will be individually and collectively measuring and documenting annual impacts in these areas as we work towards creating a more prosperous, equitable, and sustainable world.

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A bit of history. 10 Carden – The Organization
10 Carden was launched at its former location at 10 Carden Street by Annie O’Donoghue and Julia Grady in late 2008. It has now just completed an adaptive reuse renovation of the former Acker’s Furniture Building at 42 Carden Street. It is led by Julia Grady, CoFounder and Executive Director, Joy Sammy, Community Animator, Emily Davies-Robinson, Operations and an active Board of Directors.

10 Carden – The Space.
10 Carden has a fantastic storefront presence directly across from new City Hall and is perfect for board meetings, large presentations (seating for up 100+), as well as smaller scale client meetings and working sessions of 5-6 people as well as collaborative and individual work. Access to this prime location and shared equipment/facilities helps smaller groups with capacity building and let them become more visible in the community.

So how does it work?
If you, or a member of your group,  would like make use of our new space for setting up a full time or part-time office, workshops, board meetings or community presentations, please send us a message and we’ll find a way to work best together.

From Annie and Julia, in 2009
“We hope that 10 Carden becomes the place people come together to work for a better Guelph. In co-locating we have better capacity to support one another and work collaboratively when opportunities arise. The project was created in response to groups seeking connectivity. The future hope is that by sharing a space those involved will showcase a true understanding of the diversity, creativity and spirit of innovation that defines Guelph. The community will know it as a place where they can find information, a gathering place and one that hosts great workshops and interesting forums. The enthusiasm shown thus far indicates that there is big demand for this type of collaborative space for change in our city.”