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Soon there will be more 10 Carden! 

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The Acker’s Furniture building, located at 42 Carden Street is being purchased and developed in a formal collaboration between two not-for-profit social benefit organizations: 10 Carden Shared Space (10C) and Chalmers Community Services Centre.

As the lead operator of the new location, 10 Carden, a local social enterprise founded in 2009, will activate the 15,000 sq ft commercial property which offers a full floor to large scale arts, cultural and educational event activities, including the first Downtown Guelph Community Classroom in concert with the University of Guelph, Community Engaged Scholarship Institute and Student Life departments.

In addition to the social impact activities of the Chalmers Community Services Centre, the project brings together under the 10C change-making umbrella:

  • University of Guelph, College of Social and Applied Human Sciences – Community Engaged Scholarship Institute
  • University of Guelph, Student Life
  • Guelph-Wellington Local Immigration Partnership
  • Guelph Arts Council
  • Guelph Neighbourhood Support Coalition
  • Guelph Dance
  • Shokran Canada
  • Out on the Shelf LGTBQ+ Library
  • Wellington Water Watchers
  • Taylor Newberry Consulting
  • Arts-in-Formation
  • Community Justice Initiatives
  • CUPE 973
  • Wildlife Preservation Canada
  • and others, including all of our existing members, volunteers and event-space partners.

The Project Imperative.

In 2012, 10 Carden committed to expanding into professional and accessible space to ensure that it remain a dynamic and evolving asset in our city. Over the past 8 years, 10 Carden has built a solid and predictable social enterprise within its current 3300 square foot location. Our membership organizations engage citizens across Guelph through thoughtful and engaging community events are presented weekly. Our flagship collaboration is the Elevator Project, created in conjunction with the City of Guelph, Innovation Guelph, and the Guelph Community Health Centre and funded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation. In three years, The Elevator Project has enabled groups to leverage significant investment for community benefit projects – close to $300,000 in cash and service-in-kind has been leveraged thus far.

In evaluating physical locations and various business models, 10 Carden concluded that an ownership model was the best path forward to respond to partnership opportunities and to ensure sustainability. An accessible location with long-term development potential, owned by 10 Carden, will enable us to leverage our not-for-profit business model to best meet the needs of the organization and community, including future funding and support of community benefit projects.

The expanded business model with increased coworking space, and new and flexible event venues will also enhance 10 Carden, allowing for permanence, accessibility, and appropriate supports for our member groups. Expansion into this landmark property has already allowed 10C to actively recruit and support new coworkers, permanent staff, member organizations and to build new partnerships and collaborations within Guelph and beyond.

A glimpse into the future.

This new location can be further developed over the next 5 years to include in-demand facilities such as: a community kitchen, a café, dedicated performance spaces, rooftop development and increased green infrastructure. The possibilities abound.

Why Now?

10 Carden is ready and Guelph is also rapidly changing. Over the past 3 years, there has been a dramatic increase in the development of our downtown and several not-for-profit and social benefit organizations have already been displaced from the core of our city. Over the long-term, this may drastically change the quality and character of our city as a whole.

Community investment to realize a long-term home for 10 Carden as a social innovation hub is one way to ensure that an accessible community engagement space remains in our downtown – available to all.


Accessible Space for Chalmers Community Services Centre.

Chalmers will operate from the Macdonell Street side of the building, including a café area, food sorting and delivery, clothing selection and mending area, and offices for their staff. CCSC has over 490 visits by individuals each month who live throughout Guelph, at two locations. Support and referral is also available to connect guests to social support services. CCSC strives to serve those in need without prejudice; all are welcome.

Greater Visibility for the Guelph Arts Council

The main floor will be the new permanent home of the Guelph Arts Council, celebrating 40+ years. Co-location will enable GAC and 10C to collaborate on more community events and arts engagement. The arts council welcomes a number of visits from artists and partner organizations each day, as well as an active volunteer team working to keep arts a vital component of our city.

Out on the Shelf Community Library

Out on the Shelf (formerly Guelph Pride) will feature prominently in the activation of the 2nd floor community space. The volunteer run LGTBQ+ library is open to the public. Café style chairs and tables will facilitate reading and create a welcoming gathering space.

Accessibility and Environmental Features

The large AODA compliant elevator services the entire building including the rooftop. The building features barrier-free washrooms on each floor. Showers and bike storage in the basement will promote cycling. A rainwater harvesting system integrated with low-flush toilets will reduce the building’s water demands. LED lighting, energy efficient windows and a zone-controlled heating system will also reduce energy demands. Planted material on south-facing Carden Street will be incorporated into the design
to minimize heat-gain in the summer months.

Permanent Offices

The 2nd and 3rd floors will feature a variety of permanent private office spaces. 10C is perfectly suited for changemaking entrepreneurs, small NFPs and arts and cultural enterprises with work-teams of 1-5 people. All of our co-tenants present public workshops, education and collaborative opportunities within 10 Carden as well as elsewhere in the community. All co-tenants benefit from access to a suite of shared facilities, meeting space and resources and most importantly, community and collaboration. Demand has been high. Currently, before the opening of the facilty, there are only 2 private offices still available.

Collaborative Open Concept Coworking

Open-concept coworking is a system of shared desks that provides a flexible way for members to access space. In the expanded space, zones for quiet work and more active café-style work will be established throughout the building, allowing new coworking spaces for a variety of work-styles. Affordable and flexible coworking memberships allow users to start at any level from emerging to established. Members can access shared desks on a part time to full-time basis. Permanent storage for belongings is available for those who require this. These spaces offer individuals, organizations and students professional and connected space to work on their projects and increase their visibility.

Sound-Proofed Quiet Meeting Rooms

Smaller meeting rooms ideal for one-on-one consultations and small meetings are available on the 3rd floor.

Creative Arts and DIY spaces

A light-filled office operated by co-tenant Arts-in-Formation will provide inclusive community-based arts activities and workshops. It adjoins the Activity Room enabling larger arts events. Also, located in the lower level beneath the gallery, is Guelph’s first shareable silkscreening studio, being developed in collaboration with the Urban Arts Project, a program of the Upper Grand District School Board. This space will be set up to facilitate a number of hands-on arts activities and workshops.

New Venues for Community Events

The new 10C will feature a variety of meeting spaces, which are utilized on a daily basis by members as well as organizations, individuals and businesses within the community, including:

Carden Street Gallery and Gathering Space

With a lighting and hanging system supported through a grant from Musagetes, the Carden Street Gallery area will showcase a number of arts and community engagement displays. Located in the front entrance to the building, this space will welcome visitors, coworkers and general public into an active gathering area featuring a café-style gallery layout that is conducive to chance interactions, community meetings and coworking. Visitors will be able to sit on 10C’s street-level patio, enjoy a snack or a beverage, access free WIFI and enjoy the beautiful view of City Hall and the splash pad and skating rink across the street at Market Square.

Heritage Room Meeting Space

At 14’ x 23’, this is one of our key meeting spaces. This room will be outfitted with lighting, whiteboards and a projector to fit the needs of any large meeting. Chairs and movable tables will allow for a flexible array of meeting types. Our members host events here daily, most of which are accessible to the general public. From talks to workshops to arts events, the spaces offer a variety of activities.

Activity Room for Meeting and Active Uses

This north-facing space with large operable windows will consider our activity users offering meditation, yoga, movement activities as well as other workshop uses. Folding chairs and movable tables will allow for several meeting types. This accessible 400 sq feet space will be one of our most popular event spaces.

Dedicated Visual Display Areas Throughout

Gathering space walls and hallways throughout the building will feature a visual art hanging to system to allow for flexible programming viewable by 100s of visitors through the space
on a weekly basis.

The Top Floor and Rooftop Offers:

The 4th floor is the most exciting part of the project and is being reserved for a large open-concept multi-use community facility. Once complete, this will become one of the most popular gathering, brainstorming, collaboration and performing venues in Guelph. The 4th floor offers space for:

Community Classroom

With large windows on both Macdonell and Carden Streets, as well as on the sidewalls the entire 4th floor will become an active bright open concept community facility, servicing a large number of events, including music and dance performance, visual arts, talks and workshops, fundraisers, galas and celebrations. Capacity is in the 180 person range, which is a relatively unique offering in Downtown Guelph. 10 Carden member organizations in all sectors will also offer programming in the space for daytime, evening and weekend activities.

The University of Guelph is the lead partner in this facility and will be offering several activities, including classes as part of their Community Classroom uses. This project is through the Community Engaged Scholarship Institute (CESI). Students in CESI engage in their studies with NFP organizations within the community. Colocation at the 10 Carden Shared Space hub is an ideal way to deepen these relationships. Students and the community will benefit from the increased connections, academic inquiry, practical work placements and new research initiatives possible.

A Future Certified Commercial Community Kitchen

One of the most sought-after components of the project is a future Certified Commercial Community Kitchen also on the 4th floor. A 700sq ft space has been reserved for development of this facility. Ideally, the kitchen will also service an active café style ‘pilot’ area on the main floor facing Carden Street. There are a variety of organizations and individuals who have indicated interest in food-related programming and uses.

This component is contingent on future funding and sponsorship, which we are currently seeking.