Art @ 10C

10C Shared Space has three galleries to host your upcoming art show! With spaces varying in size, we are well suited for group or solo shows. Inclusive of an opening or closing event, our spaces are accessibly priced with a low commission fee (read below). The gallery spaces are on the first, second and fourth floors and are bright, accessible and professional with simple hanging systems.

Artist: Annette Kraft van Ermel (Guelph Arts Council member)

10C is the perfect place to host art shows from upcoming, local, student artists and groups. We’d love to host shows from those whose work revolves around social change and community, which are the foundations of our organization. That being said, you are welcome to apply for a show with works relating to any subject matter. 

Artist: Gina Duque (Guelph Arts Council member)

We host a wide variety of shows in our three spaces, and we are looking forward to seeing what unique work you have to bring to 10C Shared Space.

Artist: Canan Altinkas (Guelph Arts Council member)