Art Gallery Spaces

University of Guelph Gallery and Lounge (Excludes front windows)

Cost: $100 +HST/ 2 weeks

Includes a 2 hour opening or closing event ($80 value)(evenings and weekends only)

The main floor Gallery and Lounge looks out onto Carden Street through large windows that let in plenty of natural light.  The Gallery is our main welcoming area and invites viewers to your show as traffic flows in and out of the building. The space is great for group or solo shows, with 2 large walls (dimensions: 20’ x 15’ approx,) fitted with an adjustable cable and hook hanging system. It is appropriate for 2D works with an area for smaller 3D works to sit.

First Floor Windows

The prominent  windows of our main floor welcoming area look out onto  Market Square. They are the perfect location for exhibits that speak to the values of the 10C community through community member and collaborative art.  Occasionally the front windows will be available for showing art that is relevant to topics of community and social change. Please contact us directly at [email protected] for more information. 

Heritage Room

Cost: $100 +HST/ 2 weeks

Includes a 2 hour opening or closing event ($50 value) (evenings and weekends only) in the Heritage Room and adjacent Library and Sunroom

The Heritage Room on the 2nd floor is a professional and bright room with a 33 linear foot cable and hook hanging system on two of the walls. It is perfect for 2D works, large or small, to cover the walls and transform it into a gallery space, while continuing to be a boardroom, meeting room and classroom.

Community Classroom

Cost: $300+ HST/ 2 weeks, $200 +HST/1 week or less

Includes a 2 hour opening event in the Community Classroom ($100 value)

Add up to 2 additional weeks to your show at a cost of $100/ week

The 4th floor Community Classroom offers 36 linear feet on the East wall and 12 linear feet on the West wall of hanging space in a large, open room (1050 sq. feet). It’s perfect for a larger scale individual or group shows and allows for a large audience to attend accompanying events.  You are welcome to extend the length of your show in this room as well, depending on availability.