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Community Bonds

10 Carden is offering 2 series of bonds — a 3% bond with a minimum investment of $1000 (the goal is that this level is readily accessible to nearly anyone, and to allow investors to select any increment of $1k or over that worked for them) and 4% bond with a minimum investment of $50,000. The term on both is 5 years from the transaction date. All bonds are secured to the property (42 Carden, the Acker’s Furniture Building) by way of a 2nd mortgage.

It’s as easy as confirming name, $ amount, date you’d like to transact (this date can be as late as Feb 28, 2017).

Community Bond Registration - I'm In!

Simply complete the information below, and we will follow up with your bond documentation and arrange a time to meet up and transact.
  • If you are ready to move forward with a bond, please let us know the name you'd like on the bond, and the amount below.
  • The next steps to transacting a bond are to provide the NAME on the bond, the amount, and the date you'd like to meet to transact.
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    Please select the ideal date that you'd like to transact on. We will have the paperwork ready, and will schedule a meeting time that works best for the date you note above.
  • Series A bonds earn 2.5% interest and has a $2500 minimum.
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