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Welcome to Connecting Circles!

The Connecting Circles: Social Change Series is a gathering of intergenerational participants in Guelph and Wellington County to learn, connect and build back better as a community, post pandemic.

Each Monday night we will be unpacking a topic of social change within our community – especially those which have been sorely needed during this pandemic (eg. economic equality, environmental protection, mental health support)

Our main goals for this series is to educate participants on social issues, share resources and inspiration to help drive change in our community, and allow participants to make connections within their community to fight social isolation.

Each Monday night Circle will include a speaker (or multiple in a panel style discussion), followed by facilitated group discussions, activities and open Q&A. We want to enable participants to become changemakers in their own community and create a safe space for ideas to be shared and questions to be answered.

Monday June 21st at 7:00pm – White Privilege and Becoming Co-conspirators 

Join 10C and community member Brendan Johnson, as we unpack our own privilege, conscious and unconscious biases and how we can better understand our role in perpetuating systemic oppression and colonization.

The people leading this discussion are white settlers on this land and are on a continuous journey of unlearning and learning. They will be sharing through the lens of being raised as white people in the system of white supremacy. Therefore, this space will likely create dialogue that could be hurtful, unsafe, and potentially traumatizing for Black, Indigenous and people of colour. They do not need to hear us work through the layers of our many privileges and understandings of white supremacy. We are holding this discussion as white settlers because white supremamcy, racism, genocide and colonialism our problems, that we created and that we need to address.

This is an opportunity to learn and unlearn. Please come with an open mind, without defensiveness and a desire to learn and share, so that we can do better and show up in meaningful ways.

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What have you been missing?

Our Past Circles:

Monday May 17th: Female Leaders of Tomorrow

On Monday May 17th, we discussed Gender Equality, Women Leadership and different forms of governance with Author and Political Science Professor Kate Graham.

Kate’s Book is available for pre-order at the Bookshelf:

Monday May 3rd: Food Insecurity

On Monday May 3rd we discussed food insecurity with Brendan Johnston from GNSC and Barb McPhee from the North End Harvest Market. Their inspiring work and true dedication to our community inspired participants to take food security into their own hands.

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Monday April 26th: Guelph’s Climate Crisis

On April 26th we gathered to learn from Evan Ferrari at eMERGE Guelph. His presentation and discussion educated the group on the fight against climate change happening within city hall and encouraged us all to take action and support this movement!

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Monday April 19th: Series Launch

We were joined by Kim Cusimano, Exectutive Director at the People and Information Network, Molly Roberts, Program Coordinator at Guelph Wellington Seniors Association-Community Support Services and Sya VanGeest from the Guelph Storytellers Guild.

This Monday night Circle showed us all the value of community and demonstrate that change is possible here and now!

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10C Connecting Circles are safe free opportunities for older adults and seniors in Guelph and Wellington County to virtually connect with people in their community. These weekly zoom calls are meant to bring adults and seniors together, encourage intergenerational sharing and bring some joy into peoples homes. 
10C Shared Space is grateful for the support of our Connecting Circles community partners: The People and Information Network and Guelph Wellington Seniors Association

Connecting Circles is offered with support from the Seniors Community Grant Program, Ministry for Seniors and Accessibility, Province of Ontario.