Container Garden Educational Program

Container Garden Educational Program
2018- present

After a pilot project in 2018, we launched our Container Garden Educational Program in the summer of 2019. The focus of this program is on increasing green space within Guelph’s downtown by educating the community on the benefits of container gardening. This program developed spontaneously as a result of the public interest in the container gardens located on the 10C patio. We realized that there was an opportunity to increase public engagement in this project and the Container Garden Educational Program was created! By collaborating with the City of Guelph’s Healthy Landscape program, 10C is now able to offer hands-on workshops throughout the spring, summer and fall at several local events. These workshops show community members how to build their own container gardens and supply them with first-hand knowledge on the best practises.

These workshops are right for you if:

  • You have space where traditional gardening can’t occur, such as balconies, rooftops and driveways. The versatility of container gardening gives it potential to increase green space indoors and out.
  • You are looking for a low-maintenance and water-conserving alternative to traditional gardening. By keeping water in a reservoir beneath the soil, water is drawn up as needed by the plants. This reduces the amount of water lost to evaporation and as overflow.

We believe that creating areas for urban agriculture in downtown Guelph will help develop prospering downtown communities and ecosystems. Increasing greenspaces in downtown Guelph will help create pathways for pollinators and promote food security. Urban agriculture can also help foster healthy relationships between communities and food production. By promoting food sovereignty within the community, container gardening can help establish deeper connections between communities and the surrounding environment.

Check out some pictures of our harvest below – we are very proud of them, and share it with our coworkers every Friday!To view upcoming container garden workshops visit here!