Reopening Ontario Step 3 and Meaning for 10C

July 16, 2021

As of this morning, Friday, July 16 at 12:01AM, Ontario has moved to Step 3 of Reopening Ontario. The guiding principles in Step 3 are expanded access to indoor settings, with restrictions, including where there are larger numbers of people and where masks can’t always be worn. The province will remain in Step 3 for at least 21 days and until 80% of the eligible population aged 12 and over has received one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, and 75% have received their second, with no public health unit having less than 70% of their eligible population aged 12 and over fully vaccinated. 



Slow and steady is how 10C has acted throughout the pandemic, and this is how we will continue to act as we begin to steer out of the pandemic. Within the province’s Step 3 plan, these are the relevant activities and space limits that are now allowed:

  • Indoor spaces at 50% capacity where people can maintain a physical distance of two metres
  • Indoor social gatherings and organized public events for up to 25 people
  • Outdoor social gatherings and organized public events for up to 100 people



The 10C team will begin a slow phase-in of activities, starting with Private Offices, Full-Time and Part-Time Coworking members and registered GradLab Coworking members able to restart as early as Monday, July 19. 

Existing member meetings for essential uses (formalized mental health support services) will continue, now with expanded capacities of up to 25 people. From now until September, we will accommodate a small number of meetings and bookings by members with advance pre-booking by current members required, so that we can maintain allowable occupancy numbers. You can book online at: or be in touch with Jordan via [email protected] for more information. You will be asked to register on Skedda, 10C’s new booking system.

Please note that bookings in the Community Classroom will be highly limited in the month of August in preparation for a walk-in refrigerator to be built in the Nourish kitchen.

10C is preparing for a September 1st full return, including volunteer engagement, front-entrance drop-in, hot-desking, in-person programming, and many of the other things that made 10C such a lively place prior to the pandemic. 



10C is a vaccination advocate. Our public health region, Wellington Dufferin Guelph Public Health is making great progress on the vaccination campaign. We hope that you have had the opportunity to receive your vaccinations for the safety of our 10C community. As we open our doors, we are insisting on continued health precaution measures, like hand washing, physical distancing and masking when in common areas and small spaces, or with people whose vaccination status is not known, in order to support safe re-entry to on-site activities. 



We encourage you to please complete this form if you are planning a return, either as a coworker or as a member. The form is created to give us a sense of your planned return activities and timing.  In addition, we are also surveying 10C community vaccination status so that we may begin to establish and share a percent (%) of people vaccinated, as one of the methods to communicate about safety and risk at 10C. Individual vaccination information collected in this survey will be confidential to 10C’s leadership team, Associate Director, Katie Baikie and Executive Director, Julia Grady, and will only be used to help inform our safety policies and procedures for our collective wellbeing.


Some key COVID protocols while at 10C


Sign In – All members and visitors must sign in on the clipboard at the front desk. This is mandatory for contact tracing and monitoring the number of people accessing the 10C space. Date/time will be recorded. Guests must leave email or phone numbers. 

Masks – Masks will be required to enter 10C and in all common areas. However, masks are not required if:

  • You are in a large area where you can physically distance, subject to mutual consent. 
  • You are in an office by yourself.
  • You are meeting with another person and have each given consent to remove your masks. 

Hand Sanitizer will be available at the front desk and all people entering the building must sanitize before proceeding further. Sanitizing stations are available in several areas throughout the building. 

Self-screening – Review the self-screening protocol before arriving at 10C. If you have any symptoms, please stay at home. We have a number of rapid-test kits available for member use. If you would like to request one, please email [email protected]

Cleaning – 10C staff will continue to perform daily cleaning and sanitising of surfaces. 

Patio – Members are welcome to use, and meet outside at the small 10C patio on Carden Street. There is currently some construction happening next door, so use common sense and please be aware that there may be some debris that may be a hazard. 


Please note that these protocols are subject to change. As always, questions can be sent to [email protected] and by phone at 519.780.5030.


Additional Information:

Reopening Ontario plan (outlining all 3 Steps)

Reopening Ontario (A Flexible Response to COVID-19) Act, 2020 (the legislation)

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