We’re Hiring for Nourish by 10C, a kitchen that helps

NEW Position Opening

Nourish by 10C Community Food Lead

Part-time to start: Approximately 20 hours/week. Hours may expand pending funding.

10C Shared Space is a NFP social enterprise in Downtown Guelph supporting over 150 members working in social change fields. We do this by offering collaborative coworking and community event space to our members and the community at large and then animating these relationships through projects. Community education and capacity building are big areas of focus for our team. These 10Cs guide our work: collaboration, creativity, catalyze, capacity, champion, connection, caring, courage, community, and change.

Nourish by 10C, is our latest program offering. Nourish is a kitchen and related programming that helps 10C and community partners improve well-being, reduce food insecurity and increase connection. Nourish by 10C’s shared commercial kitchen and educational programming will complement 10C’s Community Classroom, a 80-100+ person shared venue in the heart of Downtown Guelph. Nourish is food with purpose.

This role is right for you if: You love people as much as you love food. You see food as providing both fuel for our bodies and windows to our collective souls. You believe in health, connection, wellness and that food is a right for all in our community, and that everyone should have access to nutritious food.

The Role: As 10C’s Community Food Lead, you will work with the 10C team to launch [email protected]’s shared commercial community kitchen. Your work will support the members of 10C and the community at large. You will work independently on developing Nourish by 10C concepts and in a hands-on way with our members to support their community food, education and wellness-related concepts. 

Adept at juggling, you will support the germination of a number of facets of the project, including: 

  • ensuring food safety and safe use of all equipment
  • developing clear kitchen policies to maintain harmony, order and safety
  • supporting community members in using the shared kitchen facilities
  • developing and teaching programs of interest for Nourish
  • developing a menu and structure for 10C’s on-site and community catering services
  • providing support to the 10C team to expand programs of Minga by 10C, community skill-building programming which is now under 10C’s umbrella

Experience: You have a minimum of 1 year culinary, restaurant or line cook experience. This experience is combined with an entrepreneurial outlook, an interest in changing food systems, an outgoing, positive personality and a desire to cook, teach and share your passion for all that food can bring to our lives. 

Desired Qualities: This part is all about You!

  • You love people and enjoy connecting authentically and with a high level of awareness. 
  • You are entrepreneurial, enthusiastic, outgoing and energetic and this shows as optimism.
  • You have excellent communication skills, including written, verbal, listening and perception.
  • You are proficient with Google Drive tools, you can accomplish amazing things on email, and you are adept at adopting new technologies. You can manage #slack like an extension of your voice.
  • You have a strong ability to organize workloads, set priorities, work independently completing projects with little supervision.
  • You jump in and help when and where needed. Surprises don’t phase you. Anticipation, responsiveness and improvisation are your super-powers.
  • You are a proactive problem solver and you approach a challenge (or multiple challenges) by asking “What if… and…” to build creative win-win solutions. You mostly see confluence.

Hours/Timeframe/Rate of Pay

Rate of pay: $19.00 – $24.00 per hour depending on applicant qualifications and experience.

This is a part-time position with approximately 20 hours/week from October 15, 2019 to August 1, 2020. There is a possibility of extension and increased hours pending funding. Hours are variable, but we would like to implement a somewhat consistent schedule. We will work with the candidate to balance a schedule to fit other obligations. Please indicate your level of availability or other firm time constraints when applying. 

Apply by Friday, October 9, with a resume and an answer to the question, “What does Nourish mean to you?” emailed to [email protected].