10C will build and launch its shared certified commercial community kitchen

10C will build and launch its shared certified commercial community kitchen

$119,600 in capital funding from the Ontario Trillium Foundation announced today

April 13, 2018 – Guelph, Ontario: 10C Shared Space is fuelling the social change sector in Guelph, and now with receipt of $119,600 in capital funding from the Ontario Trillium Foundation, the team at 10C is turning up the gas on their goal to launch a shared commercial community kitchen.

Food is often what brings people together. From family dinners to casual potlucks, communities often rely on food to provide not only sustenance, but also points of connection. Access to food is also a challenge for many, with 17% of households in Guelph experiencing food insecurity. Community conversations at 10C included a desire to build more food into all facets of its activities. Several members are working on food security, food-entrepreneurship, food education and engagement through food. It was through these conversations that the idea of anchoring the top floor of the community development project with a shared kitchen was born.

The redevelopment on the former Acker’s Furniture Building at 42 Carden Street in Downtown Guelph is nearing completion and the building is a thriving social innovation hub and a major business asset for downtown Guelph. A certified commercial kitchen with an attached community classroom would become a flexible multi-use community resource and allow food innovation to emerge.

With over 130 members working across all social change sectors, 10C and its members are well positioned play a strong role in building on Guelph’s reputation as a leader in sustainability, innovation and vibrant community engagement. Part of the vision with the building project is to create a stable platform for collaboration, resource sharing, and collective community impact. The shared kitchen will become a truly practical asset in this work, facilitating community collaboration in food innovation, adding to existing and varied food sector work happening across Guelph and Wellington County.

The $119,600 capital grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation provides funding for key components, namely the kitchen’s exhaust hood and fire suppression system, as well as industrial grade kitchen equipment and dishwashing infrastructure. Other funding sources and investments will add necessary capital and operating components as the project moves forward.

Combined with the shared commercial kitchen, 10C’s community venue will become a learning space, a teaching space and a functional asset designed to serve many organizations and participants. The shared commercial kitchen will benefit the community by:

  • Providing capacity building support for emerging and developing food enterprises;
  • Embedding food in the culture at 10C and building deeper connections between people;
  • Adding exciting new food components to 10C’s social enterprise activities;
  • Developing food education programming, applied hands-on teaching and learning experiences;
  • Experimenting with new food related ideas, geared to the social and community development sectors.
  • Adding yet another facet and opportunity area to Guelph’s and Wellington County’s rich food and agricultural heritage.

10C is excited to launch this new chapter in creating space for change. This funding will enable 10C to launch Phase 1 of the kitchen by late 2018. If you have an interest in the kitchen and would like to get involved, 10C is hosting a community meeting on Thursday, May 10th from 3:00 pm-5:00 pm in the Community Classroom at 10C. RSVP [email protected]

For those interested in using kitchen space or getting involved in programming ideas, there is an expression of interest form online at 

Further information contact:

Julia Grady, Executive Director

10C Shared Space

[email protected] 519-780-5030


About 10C Shared Space

10C is the hub for community changemakers in Guelph. We are a platform for those working across sectors and engaging in collaborative work to improve our community. Our tangible offering is downtown coworking and event meeting space, offering students, professionals and researchers working within Guelph a place to gather, exchange ideas and work for change. Our immeasurable benefits extend to the deepening of community relationships, the opening of new opportunities, and discovery of new ways to solve problems. People work, meet, eat, create and brainstorm together at 10C.

Did you know? 10C and our members are working towards 15 of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We will be individually and collectively measuring and documenting annual impacts in these areas as we work towards creating a more prosperous, equitable, and sustainable world.