Become one of the Friends of 10C

As Guelph’s hub for social change since 2008, 10C has a track record of inspiring possibility and creating change – now. Please help our team continue this work by making a monthly donation to help us continue our community programs.

THANK YOU! 10 years ago, 10C started its life as a living lab for social change. We offer collaborative coworking and community event space to our members and the community at large and then animate these relationships through projects. We now support 200 members, organizations, individuals, students in various sectors, all working for positive community change. Our multi-faceted work is aligned by a singular purpose:

Our future matters.
We inspire possibility and make change happen – now!

In 2015, 10C embarked on an ambitious larger-than-us project to expand the footprint of social innovation in the heart of downtown Guelph. We are well-underway and every day welcome new people into this work, with over 20,000 visits to over 1300 member events in 2018.

10C has been tirelessly building for our collective futures. If you’ve been into the new community space in the former Acker’s Furniture building, you are already excited about the things that can happen there: working, teaching, learning, performing, collaborating, and now in 2020 – work with food, food education, and food systems, with the launch of Nourish by 10C.

During COVID-19 and through the recovery, 10C will need your active engagement to support brave community leadership, social enterprise creation and systems change.

Thank YOU! Together, we can do much more.