Shared Certified Commercial Kitchen

The top floor @10C includes a Community Classroom and In Progress Shared Certified Commercial Kitchen for varied uses.

Food is often what brings people together. Communities often rely on food to provide not only sustenance, but also a point of connection. Because several 10C members and partners are working on food security, food-entrepreneurship and community engagement through food, the idea of anchoring the top floor at 10C with a commercial kitchen emerged early in our planning process in 2015. We all understood how, combined with the Community Classroom, the Commercial Community Kitchen would become a flexible multi-use shared community resource, allowing not only our members, but also other diverse groups to work together to improve community life in Guelph.

The Community Classroom, an open-concept space (1100 sq. feet) will enable groups to host events of 150-200 people. Combined with the Shared Commercial Kitchen, this community venue could become a learning space, a teaching space and a functional asset designed to serve many organizations, allowing 10C members to connect and engage.

To make the Shared Certified Commercial Community Kitchen a reality, 10C requires capital investment to install industrial grade kitchen equipment, exhaust and fire suppression systems and dishwashing infrastructure. Work towards achieving this goal, and launching programming in 2018-2019 is underway.

Benefits will include:

  • Food embedded in the culture of 10C. Daily gatherings and informal food-preparation add to the relationships being developed among individuals and across organizations.
  • In-house catering/social enterprise café services would support community events and bring more people into this collaborative environment.
  • Capacity building support for food-related social enterprises that are emerging, developing and expanding in Guelph.
  • Increased impacts in food security across several agencies and organizations could be developed through collaborative work.

UPDATE April 2018!! 10C recently learned that we’ve received Ontario Trillium Foundation support to launch much of the capital work required to build major components of the kitchen. We are still seeking operating support and other funding, but this moves the kitchen leaps and bounds forward. Read more, and see draft layout below.

If you are interested in the Future Shared Commercial Community Kitchen, please let us know!

Shared Commercial Kitchen EOI

10C has roughed-in facilities for a 700sq ft Shared Certified Commercial Community Kitchen on the 4th floor of our new location. If you are interested in supporting in some way or using this facility, please let us know.
  • You don't need to reveal a business plan, simply give us an overview of what the kitchen could help you achieve. i.e. The kitchen could help me launch a business. OR The kitchen could help our NFP offer a program we've been working on. OR The kitchen could help build connection in my community.
    Let us know what your area of interest is, and please provide more detail in the paragraph section below.


shared commercial community kitchen