Meet, Work, Share at 10 Carden.

10 Carden is an operational shared office/meeting space/collaboration centre, offering citizens, professionals and researchers working within Guelph with a place to gather/work and exchange ideas. We have two part-time Community Collaborateur’s  facilitating workshops, supporting member organizations, and animating the space.   See photos of our space, and the soft launch at

10 Carden – The Organization.

10 Carden is led by Annie O’Donoghue and Julia Grady. The new organization is in the process of incorporating as a not for profit. Our vision is for 10 Carden to become a ‘community hub’ offering not for profit groups, businesses and individuals affordable and accessible shared space. Access will be within a variety of membership packages tailored to suit individual needs. Rates and dates for information sessions to follow. Please email [email protected] to be added to our mailing list.

10 Carden – The Space.
10 Carden has a great store front presence directly across from new City Hall and is perfect for board meetings, large presentations (seating for up to 50), as well as smaller scale meetings and working sessions of 5-6 people as well as collaborative and individual work. Access to this prime location and shared equipment/facilities will help smaller groups with capacity building and let them become more visible in the community.

From Annie and Julia,

“We hope that 10 Carden becomes the place people come together to work for a better Guelph. In co-locating we have better capacity to  support one another and work collaboratively when opportunities arise. The project was created in response to groups seeking connectivity. The future hope is that by sharing a space those involved will showcase a true understanding of the diversity, creativity and spirit of innovation that defines Guelph.The community will know it as a place where they can find information, a gathering place and one that hosts great workshops and interesting forums. The enthusiasm shown thus far indicates that there is big demand for this type of collaborative space for change in our city.”

If you, or a member of your group,  would like make use of our new space for setting up an part-time office, workshops, board meetings or community presentations, please send a msg to [email protected] and we’ll be sure to invite you to the info session being planned.