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Oshkabewis miinwaa Gawaateshing – Indigenous Food Security Intern Experience (Canada Summer Jobs)

Posted on: May 18, 2023

The IFS/IFS Collective 10C Shared Space (10C) are currently seeking up to three (3) Indigenous Food Security Interns to work and walk together with the Circle this summer. This is a hands-on, Indigenous-led, food and land-based experience. With opportunities to learn, experience and practice ancestral knowledge, and to build relationships and skills traditionally with All Our Relations. Gifted spaces across these Lands between the Lakes will hold place and space for producing foods and medicines, gathering, gleaning, foraging, saving seeds, preparing, preserving, storing food, repacking, distribution, and community celebrating. Elders and Knowledge Keepers will share the journey with us along this path.

Role Description – Oshkabewis miinwaa Gawaateshing

The ‘work at hand’ supports learning and experiencing Anishinaabeg traditional ways of being, living and doing, and directly supports action to improve local food security, minimize waste, provide healthier local foods and supports the Indigenous committed to this journey in restoring their own health and the health of their family and for Indigenous families who are not able yet to come to the various gardens, fields, warehouse, markets, and kitchens. Several settler allied organizations support with reciprocity this path travelled together.

Responsibilities will be put into practice as an “Oshkabewis miinwaa Gawaateshing” [Indigenous Food Security [IFS] Intern experience] and will incorporate as well two of the many foundational ancestral skill sets that nourish the Anishinaabeg worldview as follows:

Anishinaabeg Governance and Clans Councils – refers to the Indigenous Worldview that acknowledges and honours the ‘original instructors’, the purpose – to ensure and nourish the internal and external governance skills/attributes needed for Mino Bimaadiziwin [the Path of a Good Life] for All Our Relations.

Anishinaabeg Ways of Being, Living and Doing – refers to the ancestral skills, ancestral knowledges [body, mind, heart, spirit], and ceremonial kinship responsibilities by and for All Our Relations. These skills ensure all life thrives in sustainable harmony and balance. Acquiring these skills is a collective cultural obligation to steward Mother Earth – respectfully, responsibly, reciprocally, and with reconciled relationships.

The Oshkabewis miinwaa Gawaateshing / Indigenous Food Security Interns will bring these experiences and abilities to Mother Earth’s work at hand:

  • Open heart in balance with open mind
  • Commitment to and enthusiasm for walking, working and learning together
  • Creativity and curiosity
  • Humility, respect, courage, truth, honesty, love, wisdom = Seven Grandfather Teachings
  • Any experience in land-based food work is an asset but not required – we are excited to learn and work together
  • G class drivers’ license and regular access to a car is essential.

Compensation and Details:

  • The work location is Mother Earth. 10C/IFS Circle are hubs for daily adventures on various place/space based sites in Guelph-Wellington.
  • This is a part-time role based on 30 hours/week at $19.95/hour (Ontario living wage for Guelph-Wellington).
  • The position duration is 9 weeks and the start date is between May 15, 2023 and June 5, 2023.
  • Eligibility: Applicants must be between the ages of 15 and 30 and meet eligibility criteria for the 2023 Canada Summer Jobs program. Preference will be given to applicants who are age 21 and older, and identify as an Indigenous person.

Applications will be received on an ongoing basis until the positions are filled.

Please email your interest and any questions, specifying Food Security Intern in the subject line, to employment@10carden.ca.

We are excited to meet you!

10C is committed to learning, equity and building a diverse community in which everyone has the opportunity to thrive. We welcome team members with the knowledge and skills to productively work with diverse communities. 10C specifically encourages applications from those across race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, age, physical abilities, and lived experiences. 10C values lived experience alongside educational and workplace experience. If you are comfortable highlighting your lived experience in your application, this will help us consider your application in a holistic way.

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