Become a 10C Member

Want to Become a Member of 10 Carden?

Awesome! At 10 Carden, we are always looking to expand our membership!

Is 10 Carden Membership for Me?

10 Carden is open to people, organizations and business that are working within a social innovation framework. Don’t know what the heck that means? Check out our “Is 10 Carden for You?” page to find out if 10 Carden is the place for you.

Why Should I Become a Member of 10 Carden?

Becoming a member of 10 Carden will allow you to  join forces with the strong and interconnected community of changemakers in Guelph.

Our goal is to highlight, support, and enhance members work through offering new ways of collaborating, coordinating, and building capacity – together as a community.

What are the Member Benefits?

Check out our Member Benefits Matrix for more information on specific benefits!

Updated Member benefits.numbers

How to Become a Member:

If you think this sounds perfect to you, follow these 2 easy steps to get the membership process started!

1. Figure out what kind of membership you need.

10 Carden offers 3 kinds of yearly memberships:

  • Organizational ($120)
  • Individual ($50)*
  • Student ($25)

*If you are planning to book 10 Carden space for activities related to an established organization, you will have to purchase an organizational membership to access booking discounts offered to our members.

2. Fill out the member application form on our website here

Once we receive your application, we’ll set up a meeting to get to know you a little better, and go from there!