Our Staff

JuliaJulia Grady: Co-Founder, Executive Director. B.A. Fine Arts, Applied Studies Co-op, University of Waterloo

Julia is one of the passionate co-founders of 10 Carden. She has spent the past 20 years of her creative career in Guelph fully engaged in everything she takes on. In addition to offering support and leadership to 10 Carden, she runs a successful web design & development company, is raising two amazing children with her partner, and designs interior spaces that fulfill the soul. At her core, Julia is a mixed media artist who enjoys creating pieces that quietly reach out and try to speak to the soul of the viewer.

For the past 19 years, Julia has co-owned and co-created Barking Dog Studios. Barking Dog is now one of Canada’s longest-running web development firms. Julia’s focus with the business has been to support a high level of community work, balanced with very practical and focussed business, project and client development. The majority of BDS work is in relation to social change and educational spheres. For many years, BDS also ran an on-site childcare to offer the partners and staff a better work-life balance.

Julia is tireless in her dedication to helping 10 Carden move to the next level of sustainability and permanence in Guelph, and is very proud of the work with community partners thus far, and excited about the potential for future collaborations in the context of expansion.

Joy Sammy, Community Animator

meJoy has lived in Guelph (mostly) since 2004 and attended the University of Guelph twice! She has spent time working and living overseas and considers traveling and dancing to be two of life’s greatest pleasures.  Joy spends her spare hours volunteering with eMERGE Guelph, the Flying Dance Festival, learning Spanish and chasing her toddler around. Joy most recently worked as a consultant with the Calgary Zoo’s Centre for Conservation Research. Her work has explored sustainable development through a focus on community-based tourism and the impact it has on traditional conservation values. Joy says “I really look forward to connecting with coworkers, members and individuals using 10 Carden and to engaging the wider community in this amazing shared space.”

Bryan McPherson – Living Architecture Activator

Bryan lives and breathes community. He is an urban agriculture researcher & designer and loves all things food. After a 20-year career as a mapmaker, he changed gears and moved to Guelph to purse a landscape architecture degree. Bryan keeps connected to grassroots efforts, helps to organize neighbourhood events, and is active in the design of urban food installations. At 10C he is involved in activating otherwise empty downtown spaces into food growing opportunities. Bryan’s goal is to activate rooftops, facades & interiors and transform them into productive food spaces. He also likes to share this knowledge with others, and aims to increase food literacy in the Guelph community.