Engage Possibility 10C Shared Space


Our goal: to support teams to create a more integrated social, business and community fabric in their communities.

Work with the team at 10C to navigate placemaking conversations in your community. Now in our twelfth year, 10C is rich with lessons and the ability to see different possibilities across various stakeholders. Our redevelopment of 42 Carden Street was predicated by the changes happening in Downtown Guelph. Urban development can place challenges on established neighbourhoods, AND groups can create new ways sharing, collaborating to working together to create vibrant, inclusive spaces.

Contact us if you are interested in accessing consultative services to create a customized workshop, community survey or engagement project on any of these topics:

  • Social Financing of place-based projects
  • Social enterprise for not-for-profit and for profits
  • Placemaking and creating community hubs
  • Working across disciplines to affect change
  • Integrating services into a cohesive model