Resources to check out…

Interesting Organizations…

MaRS Institute

Ontario Nonprofit Network

SEE change

SiG Waterloo…

Centre for Social Innovation

Anima Leadership


Excellent Reading Material…

Civic Engagement Material for not-for-profits

Ontario Policy Paper for Social Innovation

Public Policy Forum Paper for Non-Profits

Desk Mag

Social and Development Innovations


Webinars and videos on social change and entrepreneurship…

Social Finance Best Practices: Anshula Chowdhury

SiG Social Impact Webinar Series


Video Clips…

Brene Brown: The Power of Vulnerability

John Hunter on the World Peace Game:

Andy Hobsbawm says Do the green thing:

RSA Animate – Changing Education Paradigms:

RSA Animate – Choice:

Where good ideas come from:

Jian Ghomeshi interviews david suzuki:

TED: Windmills not oil spills

Battling Kenyan waste:

Life in the slum:

How rap fueled the arab spring uprising:


Books for your reading pleasure…

Tipping Point. Malcolm Gladwell

Network Evaluation: Cultivating Healthy Networks for Social Change – CSI Book

Top 10 Business books of the year