Rooftop Agriculture Engagement Program

rooftop farming in Downtown Guelph

To expand 10 Carden’s core space-making vision of ‘creating space for change’ and to further collaborations amongst diverse groups, in 2016-17, 10 Carden’s team worked on increasing community engagement regarding urban rooftop farming. The key goal of this project is to inspire a vision for the rooftop at 42 Carden Street and offer very tangible and transferable ways to illustrate how we can take deliberate actions to reduce our impact on the environment.

This project reconsiders vacant rooftops as spaces for urban food production, with core benefits of improving the downtown environment through increased green space, pollination space and growing activity areas. It leveraged current research and grounded the vision to develop the rooftop at 42 Carden Street as an educational urban farming and community convening site. This project builds in several ways in which the 10C community can directly impact the environment.

A series of community presentations featured and showcased current rooftop “agritecture” projects throughout Ontario and North America and led to discussions of possibilities and ideas relating to rooftop spaces. These presentations captured the interest of groups and individuals, including students, professionals and residents of Guelph.

Visioning presentations, workshops and hands-on planning sessions were geared towards a long-term goal of building a network of rooftop gardens and organizations interested in partnering with landowners to develop rooftops in Guelph.

The project featured built-form gardening pilot projects (located at 10C and Mijida) applying the research as demonstration projects. Through one full growing season, the pilot gardens were built, planted, and harvested. This project sets the stage for the future development of our rooftop. The perfect ‘SEED’ to help support the longer term work of bringing this vision to reality.

A summary of the project activities is below. In future years, 10C will be building on this as we move to next steps in the planning process as it grows from “Seed” to completion.

Please use any of this information for your urban food production initiatives, or contact [email protected]

Envisioning Rooftop Agriculture in Downtown GuelphSteps to Launching Urban Rooftop Farming Project(s) in Downtown Guelph

Community Engagement Sessions and Possible Future Partners

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