Schedule G: Specific Terms – Private Office



1. Office Space: Office Space means the workspace identified in paragraph 4 of this Agreement.

2. Exclusive Use: During the Term of this Agreement, 10C grants you exclusive use of the Office Space.

3. Furniture and Equipment: All furniture and equipment that 10C provides to you as part of the Services belongs to 10C. Furniture in private offices can be moved, but changes to walls, shelves, etc must be approved by 10C staff. You will be charged for any furniture or equipment that is damaged, lost, or altered. Small appliances such as fridges and any appliances involving heat are NOT permitted outside of the kitchenettes on the 2nd 3rd and 4th floors as they may cause damage.

4. Access: Though you will have exclusive use of the Office Space, 10C has the right to enter at any time for all reasonable purposes. 10C cares about your business and will exercise discretion in entering your Office Space.

5. No Registration: You may not register any notice of this Agreement on title to the Premises.

6. Alterations: Unless 10C agrees otherwise, you will be responsible for restoring the Office Space to the condition it was received, at your cost.

7. Set-off: You agree to waive any right to set-off your Deposit against any Fees and Additional Charges owed by you to 10C..

8. No Interest in Land: You agree that nothing in this Agreement is to be interpreted as giving you or creating an interest in land or giving any greater right than a license personal between you and 10C.

9. Subordination: Your rights under this Agreement are subordinate to all existing and future mortgages and any other secured financing on the Premises.