The Community Room Art Gallery

During the day, the Community Room is hot desking central and in the evenings and weekends, it serves as a gathering place for meetings, workshops, events and parties.

The Community Room has big beautiful walls that serve as a great canvas for showing your art, and the space provides you with a great opportunity to have an opening or closing reception. Whether you are interested in having your own art show or a group show, or displaying works that were part of a contest, consider 10 Carden as an ideal location. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us.

You can see upcoming exhibits on the calendar.

You can see the recent exhibits that have been up in the space below:

Jane Finoro (March 2013)


Carol Tinga (April, May & June 2013)


Eric Allan Montgomery (July 2013)


Ron Sainsbury (August, September & October 2013)


Clive Lewis (November 2013)


Gordon Hines, Garth Laidlaw and David Laidlaw (December 2013)