Mary-Anne Shipley, Giving While Living

Meet a Key Supporter of 10C’s Placemaking Project

The 10C evolution from 10 Carden Street to the fully redeveloped Acker’s Furniture Building is a major project with a funding mix as diverse and extensive as 10C’s community membership. Over 100 individuals and organizations play a role in the financing of this community project. We’d like to introduce you to a lead individual whose support has made this project a reality.

When Belleville transplant Mary-Anne Shipley was looking for ways to tangibly contribute to the Guelph community, one name kept on coming up in conversation.

“I wanted to do something to give back. This community has supported me on a specific healing journey over the last eight years and before that, was a home for my daughter who graduated from the University of Guelph,” she said. “Everywhere I went people asked, ‘Have you met Julia Grady? Have you heard of 10 Carden?’”

After being introduced to 10 Carden Co-Founder and Executive Director, Julia Grady in 2015, Shipley said she became inspired by the uniqueness of 10 Carden and its mission of “creating space for change” through affordable, accessible and inclusive community space in Guelph.

“The downtown location of the Acker’s Building, the reclaiming of this exquisite structure and the exponential increase in scope and scale of what will be possible in the new facility made this attractive. This project captured my head and my heart. I was happy to support – even in the early days when plans were being developed.”

“While the past year for 10C has been very exciting, the expansion of 10 Carden could only have happened with the work that’s gone before — all the connections, synergies and the credibility that 10C has built in the community over the last eight years. The idea that 10C started with a conversation between two people (co-founders Annie & Julia) resonated with me. And in the eight years since, 10C Shared Space has filled a definite need in the community.

Shipley reflects on the synergies that the project brings to her engagement in Guelph. “This project truly brings together many positive forces in our community. The 10C collaboration with Chalmers Community Services Centre is remarkable. The CCSC Respect and Dignity capital campaign also strikes a chord with me, and my congregation, Three Willows United Church, is home to Chalmers West, a satellite of the CCSC.

Shipley said that her belief in the mission of 10 Carden led her to take out $125,000 in Community Bonds to invest in the redevelopment, and make a matching donation to the the project. This donation, made through the Guelph Community Foundation is structured to support the Guelph Neighbourhood Support Coalition, Guelph Arts Council and Guelph Dance in their work in the expanded social innovation hub.

“I’m in a position that I could financially support it, and selfishly for me, I wanted this kind of environment to be a place where I could also participate in Guelph,” she said. “10C is going to be pretty significant in my life.”

Shipley is looking forward to assuming a studio tenancy in 10C’s new space with a venture called ‘Arts-In-Formation,’ where she will be facilitating mindfulness through creative expression with an initial emphasis on Zentangle®, that for her is an artform and a spiritual practice.

Shipley said making a contribution to the 10C expansion project, with the support of her family, was her way  of giving while living. “Instead of leaving a donation in a will, I’m giving it now,” she said. “I’m saying I believe in this enough that I’d like to give it today and be able to see the dream unfold. I realized that early support of this project could help 10C leverage other investment and I’m happy to have been able to support in this way.”

Shipley said she is impressed by how much community support the 10C expansion has developed in recent months. “There is still work to do to complete the project and gaining momentum is key to the final phases of the campaign.” she said. With $216,000 in community bonds still needed to reach the expansion campaign’s target, and another $200,000 to go in sponsorships, Shipley emphasizes the role all of us can play in helping to make the new 10C a reality.

Shipley said she hopes that more people in Guelph embrace this idea. Support to the project can be made by investing in community bonds, making a sponsorship to 10C or through making a charitable donation to support Chalmers Community Services Centre, a key partner in this project.

“Being part of a process where many people continue to contribute varied resources really appeals to me. The idea of the bonds being $1000 or increments thereof is very exciting. Whether as a member, coworker, volunteer, supporter, guest, or participant in a program, there are ways for everyone to be involved.”

A full launch of 10C in the new facility is being planned for October 2017.

About 10 Carden Shared Space (10C):
Incorporated as a not-for-profit, 10 Carden (10C) is Guelph’s ‘community hub’ offering local socially-focused organizations, businesses and individuals affordable and accessible space. 10 Carden’s creating space for change model includes shared office, meeting and event space. 10C offers individuals, professionals and researchers working within Guelph a place to gather, work, exchange ideas and most importantly – collaborate. For more information, visit

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