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9 years ago, 10 Carden started its life as a living lab for social change, creating the conditions for community members, practitioners and researchers to explore ideas and create new initiatives in our city. We now support over 120 members, organizations, individuals, students all working in various change sectors.

In 2015, 10C embarked on an ambitious larger-than-us project to expand the footprint of social innovation in the heart of downtown Guelph. As of fall 2017, we are partially complete on this expansion into a fully-owned community space. We are close, but we’re not there yet!!

For the past 18 months 10C has been working away at creating space for change. If you’ve been into the new community space in the former Acker’s Furniture building, you are already excited about the things that can happen there: working, teaching, learning, performing, connecting and collaborating.

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While we, the board and staff of 10C, are looking forward to reach the end of the building phase, we still very much need your help. Now is the time to visibly show community support for this project with a monthly donation. If you’d like to make a one-time donation, please use this page.

If the 10C project inspires you or plays a role in your world here in Guelph, please show your support.

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Become a supporter with an easy monthly contribution. Monthly supporters will also receive a 50% discount on tickets for the grand opening party to be held in 2018.
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Thank YOU! for supporting 10C as we create change and build community resilience.