Volunteering @ 10C

10C Shared Space is a space for social innovation, entrepreneurial spirit, art, sustainability, and community. Volunteering means being connected to all things 10C. You do not just volunteer for 10C, you become connected to the community 10C holds in Guelph and beyond.

As an additional volunteer perk, you’ll receive access to member hot-desking and some additional member benefits. We ask for a commitment of at least 4 months from 10C volunteers.

We are currently seeking volunteers for the following roles:

10C Host

10C hosts play an important role in supporting the 10C team by being the first point of contact for everyone who enters the building. You are not only a friendly face to all who come in, but an important resource for our community helping people find answers to their questions about 10C.

Availability: Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm
Minimum one 2-3 hour shift/week

Responsibilities include:

  • Directing members and guests to their meeting/event location
  • Responding to community member inquiries (phone, in-person)
  • Checking voicemail
  • Updating organizational documents
  • Being awesome

Nourish Kitchen

Looking to help with local food security? Looking for volunteer experience in the food industry? Just want to work in a beautiful kitchen? ⁠There are so many reasons to volunteer at the Nourish Kitchen! ⁠We are always looking for volunteers to help get more food to people who need it in our community. ⁠

Availability: Tuesday – Thursday, 9am-3pm
Minimum one 2-3 hour shift/week

We welcome everyone: from people who have little to no kitchen experience to head chefs who want to give back to their community and learn about circular food systems. ⁠

Responsibilities include:

  • Fresh food prep & cooking
  • Food packaging
  • Being awesome

If you’d like to give these roles a try, fill out the form here, or let us know what you’d be interested in! We’d love to chat.