Board of Directors

If you’d like to send a message to the board as a whole, please email [email protected]. The staff team can be reached at [email protected].

Kerry Daly – (Board Chair)

Kerry Daly Board PhotoTerm: January 2018 to January 2021

Kerry retired from the University of Guelph in 2016 where he completed his career as the Dean of the College of Social and Applied Human Sciences. As a co-founder for the Community Engaged Scholarship Institute at the university, he has had a long-standing connection with 10C and a commitment to collaboration between universities and community organizations. He has done partnership-based research in the areas of men, fathering, and work-life integration. He was a member of the Project Management team at the university for the most recent round of strategic renewal. Kerry is now delighted to be offering his skills in support of the community side of the equation. In addition to his efforts at 10C, he is an active volunteer at Hospice Wellington.

Skills & areas of interest

  • collaborative research;
  • partnership development;
  • strategic renewal and development;
  • organizational structures and development;
  • qualitative research methods

I’m part of 10 Carden because I believe that it is one of the most innovative and successful strategies that has ever been undertaken in Guelph. I admire the risks that have been taken to make this an exemplar for other communities to follow. It is an extraordinary place/space that enriches Guelph in so many ways:  it is a place of integration for the community; it invites experimentation for new initiatives; and it is a welcoming space that builds relationships and fosters serendipitous and unexpected change.

As a board member, I can help 10 Carden with research, community-university relations, and long-term planning and strategic renewal.

email: [email protected]

Heather Watt-Kapitain (Board Vice-Chair)

Heather Watt-Kapitain Board Photo

Also Chair of 42 Carden Shared Space

Term: May 2016 – May 2019

With two decades of entrepreneurial experience in business, healthcare, governance and fundraising, Heather knows firsthand the many ways in which communities collaborate and communicate. She is passionate about purpose-driven work and takes every opportunity to amplify the social enterprise sector through her work with KAP Design and 10C.

As Managing Principal of KAP Design, Heather works with not-for-profit, public and private sector clients. She founded the KAP Design partnership with her husband and information designer Jamie Kapitain to solve a critical challenge facing everyone in our information-saturated world — how to get your information noticed and understood.

Skills & areas of interest

  • Communications
  • Knowledge translation and mobilization
  • Social enterprise
  • Team building
  • Facilitation
  • Event management
  • Fundraising

I’m part of 10 Carden because I’m passionate about the intersection of for profit and not for profit in the social enterprise space. And because of what happens here every day. You can’t come to 10C and not be inspired. By the innovative projects, the hard work, the collaborations and the hope. All driven by the willingness and tenacity of the people you meet here. It is contagious.

As a board member, I can help 10 Carden with community connections, event planning, fundraising, listening and showing up!

Twitter: @hwattkapitain

Linked In:

Dan Lovero – Treasurer

Dan Lovero Board Photo

Term: August 2018 – August 2021

Dan is an entrepreneur at heart. He enjoys partnering and walking alongside his clients on a journey towards creating a better business landscape. He is experienced in empowering teams and individuals to drive a change process using learning environments. He looks to derive support, potential and meaning to those he works with. Having worked as a marketing director for a franchise company in the United States, he has worked on creating unity and clarity within teams and systems. As Managing Partner of The Telosity Company, he has worked with a broad range of clients from large publicly traded organizations to local small businesses.

Dan has a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from Schulich School of Business where he studied Strategy, Branding and Marketing Communications and has an undergraduate degree in Accounting and Finance. During his time in academia, he was able to refine his skills, grow his network and deepen his knowledge in qualitative and quantitative areas to better assist his clients.

Skills & areas of interest

  • Accounting and Financial Oversight
  • Board Governance and Risk Management
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Stakeholder Evaluation and Engagement
  • Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Social Enterprise
  • Facilitation
  • Networking and Partnerships

I’m part of 10C because it aligns with who I am as an individual and what I am working towards shaping in my work. 10C has been active in the Social Enterprise landscape and I want to be a part of the cutting edge of innovation in business. With The Telosity Company, we deliver purpose driven strategies to assist social entrepreneurs. 10C is a great place to see that come to life.

As a board member, I can help 10Cwith accounting and financial management as well as board governance and risk.

LinkedIn –

Twitter –

Email – [email protected]

Web – |

Amy Kipp – Secretary

Amy Kipp Board PhotoTerm: August 2018 – August 2020

Amy is interested in global, national, and community development issues, and how these issues play out in the everyday experiences of individuals. Amy is specifically interested in using a feminist lens to explore how individuals’ identities influence their experiences with space and social systems. Amy’s background is in International Development and Human Geography, and she currently works as a research associate and project manager in the Population Medicine Department at the University of Guelph. Amy moved to Guelph to study at the University in 2010, and has had many opportunities to engage with the community through research, community-engaged scholarship, and volunteer experiences. This involvement in the Guelph community has instilled in her the value of working with and for communities, and creating spaces where individuals can come together to support and collaborate with one another.

Skills and Areas of Interest

  • Qualitative research methods
  • International development
  • Feminist and human geography
  • Communication
  • Grant and proposal writing
  • Social justice and community engagement

I’m part of 10 Carden because I believe in the importance of community, and creating spaces where community members can come together to support and learn from one another and discuss innovative ideas that promote meaningful change.

As a board member, I can help 10C continue to engage early career researchers, young adults/professionals, and individuals interested in social justice and community change. In my role as board secretary, I can also help organize board meetings and 10C communications.

Linked In:

Email: [email protected]

Ben O’Hara (at large)

Ben O'Hara Board PhotoTerm: May 2015 – May 2018

Ben operates a small woodworking shop designing and building custom furniture for clients throughout southern Ontario. He is also a sessional instructor in the landscape architecture program at the University of Guelph teaching classes on construction practices and administration.

Beyond this, Ben is a dad to two fantastic boys and partner to Christy who keep him connected with extracurricular activities and daily busyness.

Skills & areas of interest

  • Design and built form
  • Landscape architecture
  • Wilderness travel
  • Woodworking
  • Gardening and agriculture
  • Beekeeping

I’m part of 10 Carden because I truly believe in the vision of the organization and am motivated to help create the space to facilitate the change that 10C can bring to your community. It will be rewarding to see the work of 10C germinate impact for future generations.


email: [email protected]


Ian Digby (at large)

Ian Digby Board PhotoTerm: August 2018 to August 2021

Ian is a Guelph physician who has held numerous healthcare leadership positions locally and regionally since 2001. He has a keen interest in healthcare quality improvement, hospital management, leadership development and community engagement. Ian is interested in non-profit governance and sustainability and has contributed to several arts and education boards.

I’m part of 10 Carden because I want to contribute to this fascinating experiment in community engagement and innovation. I’ve seen the dream of 10C slowly turn to reality with the new building and a thriving hub of energy and innovation in our own downtown. Now I want to learn from what’s going on from the amazing people in this place and help sustain the energy.

As a board member, I can help 10C with my leadership experience in other sectors and contribute to board governance, fundraising and sustainability.

email: [email protected]




Jess Haines (at large)

Jess is an Associate Professor of Applied Nutrition at the University of Guelph and is the Co-Director of the Guelph Family Health Study, which aims to understand how best to support families in developing healthy eating, activity and sleep habits to last a lifetime.  The study was designed in collaboration with families and other key knowledge users in Guelph, such as Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health and the Guelph Family Health Team.

Skills & areas of interest

  • collaborative research;
  • partnership development;
  • grant and proposal writing;
  • program development, implementation and evaluation.

I’m part of 10C because I believe that connection is critical for social change. I am particularly enthusiastic about the potential of NOURISH by 10C, a shared commercial community kitchen and related programming, to improve well-being, reduce food insecurity and increase connection in Guelph.

As a board member, I can help 10 Carden with research, programming, partnership development, and grant writing.

email: [email protected]

Belinda Leach (at large)

Belinda is a faculty member and community engaged researcher at the University of Guelph with a passion for strengthening civil society through its organizations.  She is deeply committed to making research serve community and wants to see research benefiting community towards social justice outcomes.  She has been involved in 10C activities through U of G’s Community Engaged Scholarship Institute for many years.

Belinda sees 10C as a welcoming and inclusive community connector, and its shopfront as a place where people can walk in, learn about their community, share ideas, find a place for themselves, and make change.  She is committed to ensuring that 10C has the resources to continue to provide that space.


Skills and areas of interest

Research and grant writing

Developing and implementing strategic plans

Connecting academic researchers to community needs

email: [email protected]

Inam Carere (at large)

Inam is an entrepreneur and partner in multiple companies in the areas of Telecommunication, Information Technology and real estate. Inam is a graduate of Trent University and the University of Guelph and a mother of 2 girls. She grew up in Palestine with a passion for food and cooking.  Inam is also passionate about the Nourish by 10C community kitchen. She believes in the power of food as a tool in connecting people across cultures and boundaries and helping to create strong caring communities.
Skills and areas of interest:
  • Financial planning, budgeting and oversight
  • Project launch and management
  • Strong Knowledge in areas of telecommunication and  Information Technology solutions
  • Experience in various areas in Commercial and residential real estate.