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Board of Directors

The Directors of 10C Shared Space, a not-for-profit board, are responsible for the oversight of strategy, risk management, social enterprise business model, community programs, financial management, reporting and impact measurement communications.

You can reach out to the 10C board at vision@10carden.ca.

The current 10C Board of Directors are:

  • Jess Haines (Chair)
  • Belinda Leach (Past Chair)
  • Peter Tesche (Treasurer)
  • Brenda Doner (Secretary)
  • Brent Klassen
  • Elaine Stavnitzky
  • Iram Lalima
  • Justin Reid
  • Meaghan Langille
  • Miriam Foell
  • Seyi Adaghe
  • Suzanne Swanton
  • Theo Peters
  • Kal Termanini
  • Jemima Adejo
  • Karen Menard