10C Shared Space is the hub for community changemakers in Guelph. We are a platform for those working across sectors and engaging in collaborative work to improve our community. Our tangible offering is downtown coworking and event meeting space, offering students, professionals and researchers working within Guelph a place to gather, exchange ideas and work for change. Our immeasurable benefits extend to the deepening of community relationships, the opening of new opportunities, and discovery of new ways to solve problems. People work, meet, eat, create and brainstorm together at 10C.

Our Community Bond Investment Campaign now has 135 individual investors and we have just about completed Series A through H. There are a limited number of bonds available email [email protected] for more information.

Learn more about this local social impact investment.

Sponsorship packages are being sent to local businesses. If you're interested in naming a room or sponsoring an award please contact us.

DIY Container Garden Workshop

Learn. 10C DIY workshop
Are you interested in gardening but have limited outdoor space? Do you want an easy to care for set up? 10C Shared Space is offering a series of interactive sessions with support from the City of Guelph’s Healthy Landscapes Program. Attend one of these workshops to get inspired and to learn how to build and maintain a variety of container gardens. This event is FREE sign up here.

Become a Member

10C members span the spectrum of the social change sector, from not-for-profits, to independent researchers, to entrepreneurs. Become a member of 10 Carden and join forces with the strong and interconnected community of changemakers in Guelph. Learn more about becoming a member.

Become a CoWorker

Coworking is an innovative way to share work space. Co-working can enable you to reduce costs, while working in a multi-sectoral, collaborative and dynamic environment. Bright & beautiful part-time and full-time coworking spaces are available. Start co-working in our new space today from as little as $100/month. 

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