Coworking at 10 Carden

coworking at 10CIn addition to shared event and meeting space, 10C members can access to full-time or part-time coworking desks. Coworkers get to share resources and reduce their administrative and infrastructural costs, while connecting to others, building relationships, and working in a multi-sectoral, collaborative and dynamic environment.

We offer 3 different Coworking Packages – Full Time, Part Time & Part Time Lite. We also offer HOTDESKING for those who need a desk on a non-permanent basis. Member rates for coworking:

Full-Time Permanent Desk – $275 to $350/month. 3 month commitment

Dedicated permanent desk workspace with a lockable filing cabinet in either the Vibrant Space 2nd Floor Coworking room (noisier) or the Quiet Zone 3rd Floor Coworking room (quieter) open concept areas. Includes mail slot, defined hours per month of meeting room time and lockable filing cabinet. May be shared by two people in the same organization. Full-Time coworkers also have daytime access to unbooked meeting spaces and common areas. Share unbooked rooms for impromptu private meetings. A 1 hour limit per meeting is placed on the space usage, to allow all coworkers equal access. 24/7 access to the building and exclusive use of a desk in shared workspace 365 days a year. Also includes listing in Main level signage and use of 10C’s shared landline (519-780-5030) if needed.

Part-Time Coworking – $175 to $225/month. 3 month commitment

An individual package that gives a person (student/individual or representing an organization) the access to use shared workstations in an open concept workspace for up to 20 hrs/week or 80 hrs/month of work time. 24/7 access to the building. Part-time coworking seats are accessed on a first-come-first-serve basis each day and location in building may vary based on usage patterns. Supplies and materials must be removed daily from work area.  Part-Time coworking tenants also have daytime access to unbooked meeting spaces and common areas. Share unbooked rooms for impromptu private meetings. A 1 hour limit per meeting is placed on the unbooked space usage, to allow all coworkers equal access.

Part-Time Lite  Coworking – $100 to $150/month. Month to month commitment

A seat in open-concept shared work area includes 12 hrs/week or 48 hrs/month of work time. Access during business hours.

Grad [email protected] Coworking – $50/month. 4 month commitment

Currently enrolled University of Guelph students can access Grad [email protected] coworking in the open-concept shared work area which includes 10 hrs/week or 40 hrs/month of work time. This agreement also includes access to the common space areas.

Hot Desking 3 hr increments = $5.00

If your need for space to work is only occasional, Hot Desking may be right for you. Take a seat, connect to our WIFI and work in the company of others. Non-member hot desking is available on the main floor only. Members can hot desk (at the above rates) on the 2nd floor and MainFloor to a maximum of (4 times / month). Hot desking is a great way to try out coworking, if you like hot-desking and want a bit more permanency, you should look at a PartTime Lite coworking membership.


All open concept coworking packages include:

  • All 10C Community Member benefits
  • Access to the main floor lounge, 2nd floor lounges, kitchen and other shared spaces.
  • #Slack / 10C-Guelph sharedesk building communications presence for the Organization and the Individual(s) working for the organization that are located at 10C. Collaborate. Work. Share. Join in the fun.
  • Pay-for-use printing (copier/scanner/printer) /electric shredder.
  • Hosting/reception on main floor.
  • Fair trade coffee and tea (at cost).
  • Mailbox and package reception.
  • Access to 10C Community Animator, Elevator Project, yoga or other programming as provided.
  • Included wireless internet and utilities.

Interested in Becoming a Coworker? Let us know by filling out our Coworking Form.