Guelph Farmers’ Market

Interested in vending at the Saturday Farmers’ Market? We accept regular and temporary vendors!

You can find more information, including a vendor application, here.

Join us as part of a new Guelph Farmers’ Market offering: Take-Home Thursdays!

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Running 4PM to 7PM on Thursdays from June to November, customers can expect options for pre-ordered products as well as pop-up Mini Market booths.  You’ll find some of your favourite Saturday Farmers’ Market vendors as well as a few new ones! Read more more information here about vendors and opportunities.  We can’t wait to see you there!


Farmers’ Market Activation

As of March 1st, 2022, 10C has assumed the operations and activation of the Farmers’ Market building – and we are excited to officially begin this journey in collaboration with the Guelph-Wellington community!

Reach out to connect about your ideas! We want to hear from you.  Fill in this form or be in touch at [email protected].

2022 Market Investment

sunflowers at the market

On April 29, 2022, FedDev Ontario announced that 10C was awarded $709,576 to improve the Guelph Farmers’ Market and expand operations to seven days a week. This funding is through the Canada Community Revitalization Fund and is further matched by a contribution of $200,000 from the City of Guelph and $74,217 of in-kind funding from 10C for a total project of $982,902.80. In addition to revitalizing the existing Saturday Farmers’ Market, the goal of this project is to invest in programs to create multi-day market operations and ensure that the market site continues to be an accessible and engaging community space. Read the full details and keep posted with the project here.

Market Team

We are thrilled that Leanne McGray has agreed to stay on with the market in her current capacity as Farmers’ Market Lead.  In addition to Leanne ([email protected]), Alex Vecchio ([email protected]) will join us as Farmers’ Market Assistant (formerly called ‘Market Clerk’) and Anterra Vsetula-Sheffield ([email protected]) as Market Activator, alongside the entire 10C team.

Saturday Farmers’ Market

At this time, and for 2022, there are no major changes to the Saturday market’s regular rhythms and processes. Throughout 2022, we will be listening and planning for additions to facilitate the Saturday market in best serving the community of Guelph-Wellington in 2022 and beyond.

Are you a current Saturday Market Vendor? We would like to hear from you! Please reach out and share your ideas through our Vendor Feedback Form.

Community Use

Beginning this spring and through 2022, the Farmers’ Market building will be available for use by community groups and individuals for a limited number and type of meetings and events. 10C will be working closely with community members and organizations to curate events held in this space in 2022 and will pay special attention to orienting users to the space and its requirements.

The following rates are for small meetings, activities and events with limited infrastructure requirements (i.e. community talks, workshops or meetings). As this is a new offering, we will work to consider the logistics of each activity. This offering is for smaller activities only, if you are interested in hosting a trade-show, multi-vendor or multi-booth events and associated rates, please reach out to talk about possibilities. 

North End  Entire building Outdoor parking lot
Hourly rate

10C members receive a 50% discount

$50 $150 Talk to us about possibilities for booking this space.
Maximum capacity 30 100

To inquire about using this space or to talk about possibilities, reach out to Nathan Lawr at [email protected] or 519.780.5030.

Notes for community use:

  • At this time, to facilitate the set up needs of the Saturday market, the Farmers’ Market space is unavailable for community bookings from Thursday 3PM to Saturday 3PM every week.
  • Existing Saturday market booths are not available for use as part of a community booking.
  • Minimum booking time is 1.5 hours in all spaces and should include time needed for set-up and take-down.
  • Additional BOOST discounts available for organizations with operating budgets <$25,000 and multi-date discounts available for bookings with 3 or more dates scheduled at once.
  • A limited number of tables and chairs are available for event use.
  • Talk to us to discuss food and beverage service needs.
  • All rates are subject to HST. 

10C’s Vision and Proposed Activation

10C welcomes the opportunity to respond to this Expression of Interest (EOI) and to collaborate with the City of Guelph, Economic Development/Tourism to co-create a multi-purpose, indoor-outdoor community market that is thriving with new partnerships, enterprises, and active uses 7 days per week. 

Building on our success as a not-for-profit placemaker, a social change and food enterprise hub, and our ability to create community engagement and connection, 10C proposes to “activate” the market in multiple phases, as a quality public place, a part of a Downtown Guelph food district, that represents the heart of food and culture in Guelph-Wellington. 

We will build vibrant and active uses in the short-term which will position healthy food, food access and circular socio-economic principles at the centre. More importantly, 10C will commit to a collaborative process that will see the market developed into its FUTURE form, with an ambitious site and grounds redevelopment, undertaken as a Public / Not-for-Profit / Community Partnership (PNCP). 

Under 10C’s stewardship and community activation with several collaborators, the community will see:

  • Activation of the Market Building and Grounds 7 days per week, within a structure that makes 24/7 uses a possibility.
  • Use of 10C’s flexible membership / activities / sliding-scale not-for-profit enterprise framework which allows for accessible, affordable and free use by multiple organizations and individuals, and includes methods to generate expanded revenue sources for collaborators, market presenters and vendors.
  • An open process to intentionally engage food, farming, social, arts and cultural communities in Guelph-Wellington as to possible uses, including a comprehensive set of enterprise models, learning and mentorship opportunities, and partnership development based on shared interests. 
  • Our commitment to investigate the feasibility of redeveloping the market site. We propose creating a community vision for a facility with expanded open and accessible access, including urban agriculture and cultivation opportunities. In such a facility, cultivation and processing of crop products would be done on site as a demonstration of urban agriculture, providing public validation of operational and enterprise models. Implementation will involve collaboration through the PNCP with all levels of government, developing scale-appropriate funding and financing methods, engaging private and foundation investment, and raising community philanthropic support to create a best-in-class community-run market and urban agriculture facility. 

Reflect, Attract and Celebrate the diversity of our community.

In phase one, we will support groups, organizations and individuals to co-create innovative programming. 10C’s ‘awesome sauce’ involves creating enterprise models that support sharing, flexibility, trust and reciprocity. We are excited at the possibility of holding the framework to support wide uses that embrace diversity, promote inclusion and create equitable systems. 10C will work in allyship with individuals in the local First Nations, Metis and Inuit communities to embrace reciprocity and be guided by the spirit of the Two Row Wampum and Dish With One Spoon Covenant. We will strive to create open, meaningful engagement and work to remove systemic barriers from our Western systems. The first steps will be to expand the days in which the facility will be in use, for example, cyclical events based on cultural patterns, food skills and training days, and plant-based and local food days. Cross-cultural and multi-disciplinary programming will open up potential to create uses that engage, reflect, and attract the diversity of people in our community.

In Guelph-Wellington, Food will be viewed as a right. A robust, active community-based market will support and enhance priorities around food.

10C works within an ecosystem of organizations and individuals who have been tirelessly advocating for food rights. Actions to enhance priorities around food include:

  • Supporting the continued and expanded success of the Saturday Market.
  • Adding increased uses reflecting, and extending, the Refreshing Our Local Tradition Goals. This layering of new proposed uses, including digital architecture and shared services, would take place in gradual steps, as 10C and collaborators become oriented to the existing culture, goals and operations of the Saturday market.
  • Collectively exploring uses and models to support improvements to food access, food security and food sovereignty. We know that 12-15% of people in our community do not have access to healthy food and food relief work happens throughout Guelph-Wellington every day of the week. The Market facility could be used to increase food access, as well as raising collective awareness, creating solutions and extending advocacy to end local food insecurity at the policy level and at the dinner table.  

A vibrant community destination with FULL use of the facility and grounds.

By using 10C’s placemaking framework and operational structures, the market site facility could be successfully activated with 7 day per week and 24/7 uses. In the expanded operations, we would widely engage farmers, new vendors, food producers, not-for-profits, social enterprises and the people living and visiting in Guelph-Wellington to fully use and experience the Market as a public space.

There are MANY groups, including established relationships with the University of Guelph, Canada’s Food University, that could be involved in an expanded Market offering. 10C will commit to leveraging existing relationships, technology, membership tools and space-sharing policies to provide a flexible container for these operations and community uses to develop, grow, and flourish. 

We can see:

  • Engagement of 200+ NFPs and member groups and community partners, including arts and cultural activities and space uses, integrated into food-focussed offerings;
  • Collaborating on partnership applications to create funding streams and enterprise models for program development to provide a robust offering of training, incubation and acceleration services, including network supports and championing a variety of new and emerging food businesses.
  • New food programming offered by emerging enterprises, student-led activities and other vendors who are currently unable to access the Saturday market;
  • Food preparation and uses of the existing Market kitchen, in tandem with 10C’s commercial kitchen; a network of shared kitchens, and increased café hours to coincide with increased programming hours.
  • Finally, we have early commitment from PRIVA, to provide initial feasibility analysis and support from the related charitable organization (the Sustainable Urban Delta Foundation) to assist in developing our long-term vision. This project is within their mandate to show how urban environments can be transformed, helping city governments, organizations and citizens to create tangible results. A redeveloped state of the art ‘Smart Market’ that also GROWS food, could be part of the direct action Guelph can take towards providing enough food for all. 

10C in Partnership and Collaboration

10C brings curiosity, connection and expertise to the development of the community enterprise model for this expansion. In a typical year, 10C supports 2000+ events annually, for close to 30,000 participants, with the momentum of increasing uses prior to the pandemic. 

After leading 10C through its own building expansion phase and activation, we have the experience, skills and reputation to pursue this project. The Acker’s redevelopment at 42 Carden Street was a $5M project implemented on a shoestring budget and financed in real-time. We undertook this challenging adaptive reuse project from 2016-2018, and transformed an essentially vacant unserviced 150+ year old property, into a fully accessible vibrant community asset. 10C’s home is now ready for a future phase, including completion of a roof-top greenhouse and convening space to further support local food work happening at 10C through the Nourish kitchen. 

We can see a vibrant future for the Market building and grounds. There is much that we can do together.