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Delightful Dumplings: The Journey of Lin’s Food at Guelph Farmers’ Market

Posted on: February 8, 2024

Products: Authentic Chinese dumplings, sauces, fresh kimchi and spring rolls. 

Where can you find them at GFM: Saturdays at the Market (year-round) 

Customers’ most loved products: Dumplings, Bottled Dumpling Sauces

Year round at the Guelph Farmers’ Market, a family food business has become a beloved staple for many customers. The Feng’s Dumplings business was established in 2002 by Hsiao Feng and in 2018, the business was handed over to Lin Yukui, who has since continued the legacy of delicious Chinese cuisine under the banner of “Lin’s Food.” 

Lin’s Food specializes in delivering high-quality, authentic Chinese dumplings to customers, as well as fresh kimchi, spring rolls and a variety of yummy dipping sauces.  Lin’s Food delivers the classics like chicken, pork, beef, and mushroom tofu dumplings – each item has gained its very own fan base. Customers love the depth and diverse flavors of dumplings, complemented by a variety of savory sauces. Yukui’s special cooking techniques involve carefully boiling frozen dumplings and pan-frying them individually for that crispy exterior and extra crunch with every bite.

Lin Yukui crafts her culinary delights in a converted basement turned certified commercial kitchen. A typical day at Lin’s Food involves maintaining product inventory to meet the needs of customers and clients. This involves tasks such as hand-making dumplings, preparing bottled sauces, and making deliveries to the various stores that stock their products. 

For Lin’s Food, the Guelph Farmers’ Market is not just a place of business; it has provided stability and a sense of connection to the community, with locals becoming loyal customers over the years. Lin’s Food thrives on the warmth of the Guelph Farmers’ Market community. The friendly atmosphere and supportive locals make it a comfortable space for Lin Yukui and her team.  Lin Yukui enjoys seeing customers enjoy their food and aims to share the authentic flavors of Chinese and other Asian cuisines with all market goers.

Lin’s Food is an integral part of the market community, their great food and their kindness is always appreciated! Through the years, Lin’s Food remains dedicated to serving our market patrons and sharing the joy of authentic Chinese cuisine.

To jump into the delicious world of Lin’s Food, you can explore their Facebook page or their website.